From Broken Bones to Bestsellers: Henry West’s X-Ray Goggle Design

The world of action sports thrives on pushing boundaries, defying gravity, and embracing the occasional wipeout. But for Henry West, VonZipper’s leading Creative Director, a personal setback became the springboard for a design so unique it sold out instantly – a first for the renowned goggle brand.

West isn’t your typical corporate creative. He’s as ingrained in the action sports scene as the athletes he collaborates with. An avid rider himself, you’ll find him tearing down mountains on a snowboard, carving waves on a surfboard, or grinding rails on a skateboard alongside some of the world’s elite. This deep connection with the sports allows him to not only understand the technical aspects of goggle design but also the heart and soul of the athletes who wear them.

It was during one of these adventures that inspiration struck, but not in the way West anticipated. A lifetime of pushing the limits on bikes, snowboards, and everything in between had left Henry with a collection of broken bones. But it was on one particularly gnarly wipeout that he stared down at the x-ray, and an idea sparked.

This rad idea became the foundation for a revolutionary goggle design. The VonZipper x Henry West ‘Signature Series’ featured whispers of past injuries adorned around the goggle strap. The x-ray image showcased West’s skeletal hands, a chilling reminder of the potential consequences of pushing limits, yet simultaneously a symbol of resilience.

West’s design wasn’t just a gimmick. It resonated with athletes and enthusiasts alike. The x-ray became a metaphor for overcoming challenges, a constant reminder that even after a fall, you will pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back to it. The goggles flew off the shelves, selling out at an unprecedented pace for VonZipper. 

This story is a testament to the power of perspective. What some might see as a setback, West transformed into a creative triumph. It’s a reminder that within the world of action sports, where pushing limits and embracing falls are part of the game, setbacks can become stepping stones to innovation.

But West’s success goes beyond a single design. His ability to forge genuine connections with athletes is what keeps VonZipper at the forefront of the industry. He doesn’t just design goggles; he designs for a community he understands intimately. He speaks their language, shares their experiences, and translates that shared passion into products that resonate.

West emphasizes creating meaningful products that tell a story. He’s constantly inspired by the dedication of the athletes he works with. These individuals push their limits every day, and West strives to design goggles that can match their intensity. His goal is to create equipment that not only optimizes performance but also reflects the spirit of this passionate community.

Henry West’s story is an inspiration for anyone facing a setback. It’s a call to action to see challenges not as roadblocks, but as opportunities to think differently, to find the spark of creativity within the ashes of adversity. And who knows, maybe your next broken bone could be the inspiration for the next disruptive innovation.