Gifts to Give a Liverpool FC Fan

Looking for the ideal present for a die-hard Liverpool FC supporter? You’re in luck because the next time they are celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or some other special occasion, you can visit the online Liverpool store in Dubai to buy them a gift.

Read on to get what you came for: awesome gift ideas for Liverpool FC fans.

1. Liverpool FC Kit

There’s no gift better than official Liverpool FC gear for a Liverpool FC fan. Who wouldn’t love to attend Liverpool FC matches in the club’s home or away colours?

You have three kits to choose from: the LFC home, away and third kits. If you truly want to make a good impression with your gifting, get all three of them. You can get a jersey each from the home, away and third kits. Alternatively, you can buy the complete Liverpool home kit now and then give your favourite Liverpool FC fan the full away kit or third kit at the next big celebration or special occasion.

What’s in a Kit?

A football kit includes a jersey, shorts and a pair of socks. Kits for infants and little kids up to eight years come bundled as three-piece sets, so you can buy the complete set in one go.

When picking a kit for youths and adults, you can make your own three-piece set. A complete kit is a stellar gift idea. You just need to shop for a jersey, shorts and socks separately. It should be fairly easy as there are many options available.

Colours: Red, White/Green and Purple

Every one of Liverpool FC Nike kits has a different colour palette.

The current 2023/24 season home kit is red with white accents, so that’s a red jersey, red shorts and red socks. However, the Liverpool FC shop also carries black shorts you can pair with the red top.

The 2023/24 LFC away kit has the colours white, green spark and black on the jersey. The jersey is predominantly white and green with black accents. The shorts are black with white accents. The socks are white with black and green bands on top, a black Nike logo on the shins and a green LFC print on the calves.

The third kit is purple with a ripple pattern and white accents. That’s a purple jersey, purple shorts and pale purple socks with a white Nike logo and LFC lettering.

You’ll have even more colour options if you prefer the goalkeeper uniform. The away kit goalkeeper jersey is dark grey with a rippled pattern complemented by green letters, numbers, logos, and patches. The third kit goalkeeper jersey is in bright, rippled orange with black insignia.

Types: Match and Stadium

Liverpool FC home, away and third kits can be match kits or match kit replicas. Match jerseys and shorts are the same as the jerseys and shorts players wear in competitions. Stadium jerseys and shorts are inspired by match clothing. They’re designed for fans to wear, especially during matches.

At first glance, match and stadium outfits may look identical. Both variants have Nike Dri-FIT technology. Match and stadium jerseys both have the white collar and cuffs, a tribute to the legendary ’74 squad that won the Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup), and the number 97 between two eternal flames just below the back collar; the 97 remembers the lives lost at the Hillsborough Disaster.

However, if you inspect them closely, you will be able to detect minor differences. For instance, home match jerseys have a subtle rippling pattern on the shoulder and chest. Stadium jerseys don’t have this pattern and look smooth in the light. Stadium jerseys also generally have a looser fit than match jerseys for flexibility and to accommodate a broader range of body types.

Customisation Options: Pre-Printed and Customised

You can buy jerseys that have been pre-printed with player names and numbers (e.g., Szoboszlai and the number 8). You can customise pre-printed jerseys with a Premier League patch.

You may also choose a non-printed customisable jersey. When filling out your order, you may select a personalisation style, such as the following:

Premier League-style name and number (you can add Premier League or Premier League with “No Room for Racism” sleeve patches)

LFC name and number

UEFA Europa League (only an LFC-style name and number can be used when using UEFA Europa League sleeve patches)

Carabao Cup (with a Carabao Cup sleeve patch)

You can then add a name and number, choosing from the following options:

Your recipient’s name and favourite number

Your recipient’s preferred player name and number

2. Training and Lifestyle Apparel

If your gift recipient loves running, training and working out, especially if they’re part of their local football league, give them training wear. Here are your Liverpool training gear options:

Short-sleeve strike training shirts

Long-sleeve training drill top

Strike training shorts

Strike training pants

Pre-match jerseys

All-weather anthem jacket

Windrunner hooded jacket

Tech fleece hoodie

Tee shirts

The Liverpool FC merch shop also carries training wear for children, including tracksuits. Additionally, you can buy Liverpool FC-branded Converse 70 HO23, Chuck Taylor and Nike footwear.

3. Signed Memorabilia

Collectables will always be well-received by Liverpool FC fans. You’ll never go wrong by choosing a shirt, boot, cap, road sign, and other memorabilia signed by a Liverpool FC player.

When choosing signed memorabilia, choose one by your intended recipient’s favourite player. If they’re starting a Liverpool FC collection, you can use the list below as your reference for choosing signed collectables. The following, according to the Liverpool FC website, are the top 10 most popular player names and numbers for club jerseys, arranged from the number one to the number 10 most popular player:

Dominik Szoboszlai, 8

Mohamed Salah, 11

Alexis Mac Allister, 10

Trent Alexander-Arnold, 66

Darwin Nuñez, 9

Luis Diaz, 7

Alisson Becker, 1

Virgil van Dijk, 4

Cody Gakpo, 18

Andy Robertson, 26

Easy Gifting Guide

Is a Liverpool FC fan’s birthday coming up? Give them a Liverpool FC home, away or third kit. They can use it for Premier League kick-off and viewing parties at their favourite sports bar or when they watch a match live.

Whenever you need a gift for a Liverpool FC fan, pick a Liverpool FC kit, training wear and signed memorabilia. Your recipient will surely love whichever merch you choose.