Heesen’s Hybrid Superyacht Cinderella Noel IV is Delivered

In the world of luxury yachting, where opulence meets innovation, the launch of the 50-meter Cinderella Noel IV has sent waves of excitement through maritime enthusiasts. Cinderella Noel IV is a beautiful example of innovation, sustainability, and unparalleled craftsmanship. As she glides through the pristine waters, she epitomises the essence of seafaring elegance. Following rigorous sea trials in the challenging waters of the North Sea, this remarkable vessel is poised to redefine the experience of cruising in the Scandinavian archipelago and Norwegian fjords.

One of the most striking features of Cinderella Noel IV is its hybrid propulsion system, a testament to the commitment to sustainability without compromising on luxury. This cutting-edge technology ensures silent cruising, allowing the owner, an accomplished yachtsman who takes the helm himself, to immerse in the serene beauty of nature without disturbing the tranquil surroundings.

From its inception, the owner has been intimately involved in the design process, ensuring that every detail reflects their vision of the ultimate seafaring paradise for extended family voyages. Accompanying the crew during the sea trials, the owner witnessed firsthand the vessel’s exceptional performance even in adverse weather conditions. Captain Bob van Zundert attests to Cinderella Noel IV’s prowess, noting her swift responses and unwavering stability amidst challenging seas.

Crafted as a smart custom yacht, Cinderella Noel IV seamlessly combines form and function, with exterior lines by Clifford Denn and interior design by Luca Dini Design & Architecture. The vessel boasts an array of luxurious amenities, including a glass-bottomed pool and an expansive wellness area, ensuring unparalleled comfort and relaxation on board.

What truly sets Cinderella Noel IV apart is its customization for navigating the high northern fjords, where nature’s rugged beauty meets untamed wilderness. Equipped with features like an outdoor fire pit, heated floors, winter tents, and mosquito nets, the yacht is perfectly tailored to embrace the elements while cocooning its occupants in warmth and luxury.

Rick van de Wetering, Heesen’s Chief Operating Officer, expresses pride in the collaboration with the owners, spanning over 41 months of meticulous craftsmanship. As Cinderella Noel IV embarks on her maiden voyage, Heesen bids farewell to a cherished project, eagerly anticipating the tales of adventure that await her.

He comments: “It has been a pleasure to build Cinderella Noel IV and work so closely with her owners on a yacht that fits them like a glove and can take them safely wherever they want to go. During the past 41 months, we have built a strong bond with our energetic clients and their teams, and we will miss them in the yard. We look forward to their updates on the great adventures they will have aboard their wonderful yacht. On behalf of everyone at the shipyard, we wish them fair winds and following seas!”