How Much Does a 100-Person Wedding Cost in the US: Average Cost 2024

In the United States, typically a wedding with guests costs between $20,000 and $35,000. Simply put, if you invite 100 guests, you have to spend approximately $25,000. However, this cost can vary by adding some extra features to your wedding ceremony. Besides, the budget of a wedding also varies by state. 

If you’re looking for a budget breakdown for a wedding of 100 guests, you’re on the right post. This article will discuss how much a 100-person wedding costs in the US. This article also helps you find the exact average price of a 100-person wedding in 2024. 

Let’s have a look!

Wedding Budget Breakdown for 100 Person

A wedding ceremony is a once-in-a-lifetime event; everyone wants to make it more memorable within their budgets. Many things are involved in completing a wedding ceremony, from officiant costs to bridal and groom dresses. But if you want to make the wedding more memorable, everyone should wear elegant dresses. Remember, you should always buy bridesmaid dresses from reputable bridal stores. 

Now, we will discuss the wedding budget breakdown for 100 guests. 

  1. Wedding Ceremony Cost for 100 Persons

The following wedding ceremony costs 100 persons: Let’s dig out! 

  • Officiant Cost — $250 – $600

A person, commonly a priest or minister, who has the legal power to perform a religious service. 

It can cost between $250 to $600.

  • Marriage License — $50 – $100

You must obtain a marriage license from the local authority, which costs you between $50 and $100. 

  • Donation for Church — $200 – $800.

If you invite 100 or above 100 guests, you must inquire about the church donation. Remember, it is not mandatory, but it can cost you $200 – $800. 

  • Venue Cost — $300 – $1000

The venue cost varies according to the location, but you must consider its price between $300 and $1000. 

  • Music Cost — $200 – $600

As you know, there is no charm in a wedding without music. But you can choose the music option according to your budget. Commonly, you must consider this cost between $200 to $600. 

  • Decoration — $100 – $800

Decoration includes candles, flowers, drapes, and other essentials. 

  1. Wedding Reception Cost for 100 Persons

A Wedding reception makes your function more awesome, and everyone wants to spend a lot of money on it. Besides these costs, you also have to invest in dresses. If you’re looking for an elegant and royal dress at affordable prices, you should buy from a reputed brand like Azazie.

Here are the following wedding reception costs:

  • Rental Charges — $1000 – $4000.

You can choose different wedding venues according to your budget, such as a hotel, resort, country club, etc. But you should remember the venue’s minimum rental charges, which are up to $1000. 

  • Catering Cost — $3500 – $7000

Catering costs vary according to your selected drinks and food. Generally, the estimated cost per person can be $50 per person. 

  • Catering Rentals — $500 – $1000.

You must arrange catering equipment such as tables, chairs, dishes, and cutlery to serve the food. For this, you will pay an estimated $7 per person. You also need to consider the cost of hiring the waiters and bartenders. Commonly, one waiter costs you $40 per hour. 

  • Reception Decoration Cost — $100 – $900

If your budget is tight, you can reduce the cost here. But normally, you have to arrange the common decorations such as balloons, ribbons, candles, etc. 

  1. Entertainment Cost for 100 Persons

The wedding ceremony is incomplete without music and entertainment. You have to hire a professional DJ for your wedding ceremony. But how much will it cost you? Let’s discuss it!

DJ Cost — $500 – $1000.

You may hire DJs at different prices. But as a rough estimate, you will incur a minimum of $500. 

Sound and Lighting — $300 – $800

If you love live performances, dance, etc., you need to rent light equipment. Sometimes, you also have to install the dance floor. So, you should consider all these costs. 

  1. Wedding Cake Cost for 100 Persons

The cake ceremony brings much happiness and is a mandatory ritual. The couple cut the cake together after the ceremony at the wedding reception in the presence of all the guests. A wedding cake may cost you a minimum of $400. 

  1.  Wedding Photography for 100 Person

Couples hire professional photographers and videographers to make their day more special. But the cost varies on the number of shots. If you have a large family, you must pay more for pictures. However, it may cost you between $1000 to $2500. 

Miscellaneous Cost for 100 Person

  • Transportation $50 – $1000
  • Wedding Cards $2.50 – $10.00 Per card
  • Wedding Favors $5 – $10
  • Wedding bouquet for the bride $50 – $200
  • Boutonniere for the groom $25 – $40
  • Wedding car decoration $50 – $200

Average Cost of a Wedding in the U.S. By State

The average cost of a wedding in the US is approximately $2500 to $44000. As per the statistics of The Knot, New Jersey tops the list as the most expensive state to marry. 

States with the Highest Average Wedding Cost In the US

  • New Jersey ($52,000)
  • Massachusetts ($45,000)
  • New York ($45,000)
  • Rhode Island ($42,000)
  • Vermont ($42,000)
  • Washington, D.C. ($ 38,000)
  • Connecticut ($37,000)
  • Delaware ($38,000)
  • Maryland ($37,000)
  • California ($36,000)

States with Cheapest Average Wedding Cost In the US

  • Utah ($15,000)
  • Oklahoma ($15,000)
  • Kansas ($15,000)
  • Wyoming ($17,000)
  • New Mexico ($17,000)
  • Montana ($17,000)
  • Oregon ($18,000)
  • Iowa ($18,000)
  • Idaho ($18,000)
  • North Dakota and South Dakota ($21,000)

Most Expensive Wedding Features

Many wedding features are more expensive than others. You must familiarize yourself with the costlier aspects of wedding planning. It will help you to allocate the budget accurately. As per statistics of The Knot, the following are the most expensive wedding features.

  • Reception Venue. It is one of the most costly elements of a wedding. The average cost of a reception venue is more than $10000
  • Engagement Ring. Couples spend approximately $5000 on average.
  • Reception entertainment. It depends on the type of music and the singers. It may cost $3500 for the band and $1000 for DJ.
  • Photographer and Videographer. The average cost of a videographer is nearly $200, while the average cost of a photographer is almost $2500
  • Florist and other decor. These costs average $2500
  • Wedding Dress. As per data, the couple spent almost $2200 on the dress.

Least Expensive Wedding Features

Many wedding features cost you little, such as wedding cakes, invitation cards, etc. Remember, you must consider all aspects of your great day and identify your priorities, even small expenses.

  • Transportation.  Up to $1000
  • Favors. Up to $500
  • Wedding cake. It may cost you $500 to $800. It depends on size and complexity.
  • Hair and make-up. These services cost $300 on average.

Sample Wedding Budget for 2024

The vendor is the right person who can manage your wedding budget wisely. Your vendors will help you make budget-conscious decisions about venue selection or ceremony decor. According to Zola’s First Look Report statistics, couples spent an average of $28000 last year. The average budget expenses are based on a $28000 budget.

  • Venue – $6,000 to $12,000
  • Catering – $6,000 to $10,000
  • DJ or Band – $2,200 to $7,200
  • Wedding Planner – $1,600 to $4,550
  • Photographer – $3,600 to $6,400
  • Videographer – $3,200 to $6,400
  • Flowers – $2,400 to $6,200
  • Transportation – $800 to $1,400
  • Cake – $700 to $950
  • Ceremony Music – $400 to $700
  • Hair and Makeup – $650 to $950 

Final Thoughts 

Wedding events might be expensive., but you can still break the bank to meet the expenses of your wedding event. Your wedding day is one of the big days of your life, and budget stress should stay within that. You have to manage your wedding costs wisely.  So, planning your best day comes down to prioritization and must-haves. 

Now, the question is, how much does the average wedding cost in the US?  It costs about $26,000 to $42,000. The article has a full breakdown of all the major and minor expenses of wedding ceremonies. Plus, we have discussed the state-by-state and expense-by-expense average wedding costs. This way, you can carefully plan and budget for a beautiful and memorable wedding day and save money without bankruptcy. As a wedding author, I have tried my best to explain the costs according to the research and statistics. 


Are 100 guests considered a small wedding?

Small wedding ceremonies typically have more than 150 people with attendees of 50 people, and large wedding events. So, the 100-guest wedding event is considered a medium-level wedding event.

What is a good budget for a 100-person wedding?

According to our study, Those invited between 100 people spent  $26,000 to $42,000 on average. It all depends on whether you spend more on the most expensive wedding features or the least expensive wedding features. 

What is a reasonable wedding budget?

Generally, plan to budget at least $100 per guest. What is an affordable wedding budget? If you’re planning a wedding for $26,000, that is awesome.