How Photos Keep Our Memories Alive

Unfortunately, the human mind isn’t perfect.  Memories fade over time. No matter how close a person was to you, there’s no guarantee that you will remember their face (or even the moments you shared together) forever. Photographs have changed that, however. Now, you can keep your memories and the people that you love close to your heart for the rest of your life. Photographs have become an integral part of our society. Most people take at least one photograph a day, which is easier than ever before thanks to smartphones.

This post will explore this topic in greater detail, explaining how you can preserve your photos, so that they keep your memories alive forever. 

Printing Photos

In the past, people tended to print out photographs and put them in frames, which they hung from their walls and put on their bookshelves and tables. Unfortunately, because of the rise of smartphones, many people keep their photos exclusively on their mobile devices, never actually printing them. Printing out your photographs can be a much better way of keeping them however since technology isn’t infallible and can break unexpectedly. According to the photography specialists from, you can get photo frames custom-made to your specifications, and delivered in as little as three days. In addition to putting photographs in frames, you may also want to print out large quantities of photos, so that you can put them in albums. Make sure that you store your albums properly so that the photos contained within don’t deteriorate.

Those who appreciate the aesthetic value of pictures can also shop for beautiful fine art photography to complement their personal collection. These artistic photographs not only enhance the decor of your home but also serve as a constant inspiration and a window to different perspectives and cultures.

Phone Storage

As mentioned in the previous section, a lot of people store their photographs on their mobile devices. While this can be a good idea, it is very risky to store one’s photographs exclusively on a mobile device. The problem with doing this is that if you ever lose your mobile or your phone breaks, you could lose all of your photographs. You should always print out your photographs or store them on another device as well so that they are fully protected, and so that they aren’t ever lost due to damage or device failure.

Using Cloud

Cloud storage is a very effective way of ensuring that your photographs last a lifetime. As with mobile devices, it is still a good idea to print them out, too. Printing out your photographs means that you can physically handle them. As you can’t physically handle the items held in your cloud storage account, you, therefore, can’t guarantee that they won’t be lost one day if the account or device becomes corrupted. The cloud is very affordable, and in fact, can be accessed for free. However, if you are going to use a free account, the amount of storage you are given access to will be restricted.

Back-up Discs

An alternative to cloud storage is to invest in a few DVDs or USB sticks and then back up all of your photos on them. You can download all of your photos to these external storage devices, and then put them somewhere safe, like in a locked safety deposit box. If you are going to use external storage, make sure that you use one or two different storage devices, so that your photographs are fully protected. After all, if you use multiple storage devices, you will be able to ensure that your photos are fully protected.

Video Memories

Mobile devices like smartphones also make taking videos a lot easier. In the past, videos weren’t an option for most people, because video cameras were too expensive, and the files were easily corruptible. However, now you can store all of your memories on video quite easily. All that you need to do is to download all of your videos to a DVD or external storage device, then you can keep them forever. If you want to watch them then you can plug your external storage device into your smart TV and stream the videos directly. You can also keep them on a DVD and put the DVD in every time you want to watch them.

Careful Photographing

Lastly, make sure that each photograph you take is meaningful. A lot of people are so used to photographs that they take tens of them whenever photographs are being taken. Make sure that the subjects of your photos pose, look toward the camera, and do their best to make sure that the photos are perfect. Careful photography will ensure that each photo is great. You can then print off all of your photographs, without having to go through them and selectively delete them all.

Photographs are a great way to keep your memories alive. When you are taking them, try to make sure that each photo is expertly shot, and meaningful. Try to avoid being a person who frivolously takes photographs and then has to delete many of them afterward. Printed photographs are a lot better than digital ones, also, since they are tangible and can be stored forever.