How to Enjoy Airport Lounge Perks on a Budget: A Travel Hacker’s Guide

While it is common for travellers to spend hours at an airport, waiting for their flight to board, many of them are reluctant to even look for airport lounge admission prices. This makes sense because there is the notion that access to these spaces is expensive. Although there is some validity in that belief, this guide for travel hackers will show you how to enjoy airport lounge perks on a budget. Ready to have a unique airport experience? 

Hack 1: Frequent Flyer Rewards

If you frequently fly for business or pleasure, it’s advisable to decide on your preferred airline and see if it offers a frequent-flyer programme —chances are high that it does. You should join this programme and gather points. How can you accumulate points? The more you use the specific airline’s services, the more points you accrue. There are even ways to maximise your frequent flyer miles in an afternoon, without even flying. All these steps can lead to your free access to an airport lounge without paying extra for it. 

Hack 2: Credit Card Rewards

Not everyone has the time or the money to fly frequently. However, it is much easier for everyone to obtain a credit card. What has this to do with airport lounges? Credit card users are offered several extra benefits, including access to airport lounges. Review the additional benefits of your credit card and check if there are any requirements that you need to meet before you are granted the privilege to enter an airport lounge for free. 

Hack 3: Day Passes

Before joining a frequent-flyer programme or investing in a lounge subscription, you should make sure that you actually want to spend your time in an airport lounge. You can enjoy airport lounge perks on a budget by simply booking a day pass. You can find the best airport lounge deals in the UK and abroad on This website allows you to compare deals and book the one that matches your travel needs online. You receive a detailed account of what is included in your selected lounge and how long you are allowed to use its services. Make sure that your preferred lounge is open during the hours of day you want to visit it. 

Hack 4: Premium Economy Tickets

Although air travel is convenient, it’s not always comfortable. Especially people in economy have a limited seat capacity and close to none benefits. However, many airlines now offer premium economy tickets that are more affordable than business class and come with some valuable extras, such as a few more inches of personal space, priority boarding, and so on, depending on the company. It is not uncommon for airlines to grant access to their lounge for a reduced fee with a premium economy ticket. In this way, you not only have a more pleasurable flight but also enjoy airport lounge perks on a budget.