How to Improve your BBQ Skills

Nothing is better than getting out the BBQ or firepit on a summer afternoon. You can fire it up, call some mates over, and make a social out of it. Holding those tongs makes you the king of the garden, and everyone bows at your brilliance. If this builds up your skills to a level that might lead to disappointment, you might want to follow some of these tips and check out more on Cookout News to reach your aspired position of Fire pit BBQ God.

Get funky with your meat.

Dry ageing a steak is a great way to boost the flavour. Look at the next restaurant menu and how much they charge for an older steak. It’s a simple process to make sure your steak is top-notch. The goal is to dry out the meat’s exterior and avoid all moisture, which will cause rotting. 

First, choose a fatty steak, as a leaner steak does not have the fat that protects the meat. Place the steak in a small fridge, away from the aromas of other food, and set up a fan inside to circulate the air. Place the meat on a wire rack and close the door. You need to wait about three weeks for the flavour. Trim the meat that has gone the texture of beef jerky, leaving the steak with a purplish red colour.

It’s much commitment to your BBQ and might be a bit much for anything other than a special occasion. Yet, it is a perfect way to get some ooohs and ahhhhs.

Shape before you season, then flip

One of the biggest errors you can make with burgers is seasoning the meat before you shape the patty. The salt will shrink the meat proteins and cause a poor texture. Once the patty is shaped, season well, and you get all the taste and the wonderful texture.

When cooking the burgers, flip them every 30 seconds or so, and they will cook about 30% faster. It is an effort, and you will look like you are fiddling, but the crowd will be amazed by the quality of your commitment.

Don’t skimp on the cheese.

So, you pay a fortune for the best cuts; you spend hours marinading the meat and making sure there are some signature pieces, and then buy some cheap Cheddar to go along with it. Why? Why would you skimp on a crucial ingredient? Go out and get some beautiful blue cheeses that will pair beautifully with your burgers. 

Don’t forget to impress the veggies.

It might seem that the BBQ is all about the meat, but many of your audience will be vegetarians or pescatarians. Therefore, you need to give the veg as much attention as you have steaks and burgers. 

Asparagus, courgette, and onions are all great on the grill. However, if you want to stand out, you need something unique. You can try some dark greens like kale and chard and allow the smoke and crispness of the grill to elevate them. Before putting them on the grill, make sure you toss them with olive oil. When you see the green leaves wilt, flip them quickly and then wait no more than a minute.

The secrets in the sear

There are a hundred and one hacks for getting the perfect sear, and the opinions here are strong. Many believe it is the fuel you use that matters and others how you arrange the coals. However, a charcoal chimney is a great hack to your BBQ that allows you to get a super-hot pile of coals that will sear the outside of the meat to perfection – and it takes less than a minute.

And finally

News programmes are known for ending with the quirky “And finally” story. This is the one that is quite quirky and will make you raise an eyebrow. Here is our favourite quirky hack: pull out the hairdryer.

Before you decide we are a little strange, the hairdryer can be the griller’s best friend, especially if you don’t have a chimney. Duct tape some zinc piping to the hairdryer, hold it with a grilling mitt a little away from the coals and watch as they burn hotter. It is the perfect way to prefer the coal just before putting that aged steak on that will wow the guests, the one you serve with your blue cheese.


To be the best BBQ maestro in town, you need to commit. While you might baulk at some of the efforts you must put in; it is how you impress. Study up on your searing techniques, and don’t forget the veggies!