How to Look After Your Skin in Your 30s

For both men and women, the 30s are the time where unexpected changes happen. It is at this age when you see your body, looks, and especially skin changes. But sometimes, the difference is not for the better, except if you take extra precautions.  Furthermore, pollution around you can lead to further deterioration of your skin. If you are using chemical-based products, it can also further damage your pristine skin. As your skin may lose its natural luster, that may lead to stress greatly affect your skin. And this is where you ask yourself what you can do to bring back or maintain your clean skin.

Skincare Tips in your 30s

Taking care of your skin even when you are in your 30s will make you feel empowered as a woman. Here is some aftercare for your skin that you can apply for yourself.

Eat healthy and fresh foods

Plan a diet that consists of varieties of fruits and vegetables. Healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables can help you eliminate toxins from your body. And it will lead you to healthier skin.

Always hydrate yourself with water

Drinking plenty of water every day will make your skin hydrated. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily since water is necessary not only for a healthy body but for beautiful skin too. Water will also help in eliminating toxins from your body and will guarantee better skin. You can drink lukewarm water or add lemon or lime in water to help your skin be healthy.

Exercise regularly

Regular exercise will help in nourishing your blood cells and cleanse your skin. A walk to your typical beauty salon located in Point Cook or going to a gym will help you have healthy skin. Exercising can also help you in flushing out all the waste products that are inside your skin. Besides that, exercising will help you prevent acne, lessen stress, and maintain your overall health.

Take supplements

Suppose you want to keep your skin strong and maintain its elasticity, vitamin C, and vitamin E supplements. These vitamins will help generate collagen that is necessary for maintaining the elasticity of your skin for a long time.

Stay healthy

Try giving up these following habits, and it will greatly benefit your skin.

  • Try to reduce at least or give up consuming alcohol and smoking as it will pump in toxins in your body and will affect your skin.
  • Lessen your caffeine and sugar intake. Sugar is well known to increase skin aging and deteriorate the condition of your skin. And it will cause your skin to look rough and activate inflammations.

Skin hydration

Hydrating is a vital skincare routine that every woman should practice. Moisturizers are products that can help your skin remain hydrated. Aside from moisturizers, the serum can also help skin hydration. It will help you in removing fine lines, dark circles, and open pores.

When you are in your 30s, taking care of your skin will make you feel empowered. And the skincare tips above are effective in maintaining your pristine skin and keeping it healthy.