How to pick your first car

Whether you’ve just passed your driving test, or whether you’ve been saving up for ages, it’s an exciting moment when you pick your first car. This vehicle will give you independence and freedom: you’ll be travelling wherever you want, without worrying about public transport. But what considerations should you have when you pick your first car? Read on to find out. 

Make a budget

For a start, in preparation to pick your first car, you should set yourself a budget. If you’ve saved up for months and years, it can be tempting to throw it all at your dream car like Ilusso Costa Mesa. However, it’s worth remembering that there will be additional costs beyond your initial outlay for the car. Fuel has reached its record price in the UK this year and you’ll need to consider future servicing as well. By factoring in these payments and noting any deposits or monthly payments for the car, you can set yourself a sensible budget.

Choose your model

Crucially, you’ll also need to pick the right model of car. Begin by considering the type of journeys you’ll be taking. If you frequently make long journeys across the UK, then it might be worth getting a petrol vehicle with strong fuel efficiency. However, if you only intend to make small city journeys with the odd longer trip, it’s worth exploring electric car lease deals. These cars are perfect for short journeys in built-up urban areas – especially considering the growing numbers of charging points and zero emissions areas in cities. 

Check for safety features

It’s also worth considering safety features when picking your first car. It’s natural to want peace of mind that you’ll be as safe as possible when you’re driving around. Ideally, your new car will come with airbags, antilock brakes, traction control, brake assists and lane-departure and blind-spot warnings. All of these features can lower the risk of an accident or limit the damage. 

Test drives

If you’re unsure about the right car, a test drive can help. This will allow you to see if the car feels comfortable, natural and fully functional. If it feels dramatically different to the car you learnt to drive in, then it might be worth looking for a more suitable vehicle. Every car feels different to drive, but your first car should give you confidence that you can drive safely and comfortably.

It can be overwhelming when you’re picking your first car. Do you get new or used? Electric or combustion engine? However, by following the guide above, you should be all set to pick a car that meets all the right criteria as you take your first steps on the roads.