How To Sell Your Drink Products Using Great Professional Photography

Implementing drink photography can be an exciting and rewarding opportunity to promote your drink offerings and increase sales. You have the chance to experiment with different composition techniques and play around with colours and props to achieve the best result. However, creating magazine-worthy drinks comes with certain challenges, such as ice melting before you can take the perfect photo or getting rid of reflections on the glass. Despite these difficulties, there are some simple techniques you can follow to produce an astounding effect using professional drink photography. Today we will explore the best ways to sell your drink products and bring success to your business.

Follow The Rule Of Odds

Using the rule of odds will help you create a pleasing and more interesting composition. To begin with, you will need to include an odd number of subjects in your photos rather than an even number. This technique works well, as odd numbers are known for bringing a sense of harmony and balance. For example, you can try adding three or five main glasses and work with diagonals or triangles to determine the best approach. If you want to highlight one of the objects as the main one, you can use a lower aperture to make it stand out from the rest.

Add Splashes And Dynamics

Regardless of the type of drink you are photographing, capturing splashes will always enhance your photos. If you are looking to create dynamic product shoots, finding an experienced still life photographer in London can be the best approach. Splashing drinks can be especially difficult due to the need to protect your gear and achieve perfect timing. However, by combining incredible technical precision and unique style, Howlett Photography can offer an ideal solution for your high end drink photography. Their team will focus on using innovative techniques in product shoots to make your brand stand out.

Backlight Your Subject

Lighting can be one of the most fun, but also the most challenging aspects to perfect. When shooting your drinks, you are always looking to avoid the appearance of unwanted reflections or bright spots. This usually happens when the light bounces off the side of the glass and back into the lens. In order to resolve this issue, you can try backlighting your subjects. As a result, your main light source will be placed directly behind or slightly above your subject-set, which will in turn bring out the beauty of your drinks.

Experiment With Hard Light

Although using soft light is usually recommended, there are times when hard light can help you produce a stunning outcome. If you are unsure of the difference between soft and hard light, make sure you review this helpful guide. When it comes to drink photography, hard light can provide the perfect opportunity to create interesting and attractive reflections by capturing the textures on the glasses. This technique can be especially useful, if you are looking to promote strong drinks such as whiskey or rum. It is possible to achieve hard and direct light with both natural and artificial lighting. However, focusing on natural light will be easier as long as the sun is shining brightly outside. 

Incorporate Human Elements

In order to achieve more authentic drink photography, you can try adding human elements to your photos. This is because customers are more likely to relate to photography that involves humans. You have the option to use a model or simply show a person’s hand. For example, one of your photos can feature someone reaching out for a drink. It will be beneficial to select a model who fits the brand image and values, as well as the type of drink you are promoting. While cocktails may mean you need to hire a model with a cheerful personality, whiskey may suit someone who exhibits determination and confidence.

Opt For Fake Ice Cubes

Ice is an integral part of professional drink photography that can easily elevate your photos. However, it can be difficult to include it, as it melts far too quickly, particularly when you are in a hot styling room. This is why it can be helpful to use fake ice cubes to get amazing, ice-filled shots. Their realistic look is what makes them perfect for your drink photography shoots. If you are looking to capture the look of an ice cube that is melting, all you need to do is drizzle a bit of water.

Find Creative Garnishes

Finally, it can be a great idea to introduce some life and colour to your drink photography by adding some creative garnishes. You can create an interesting texture by adding some lemon slices, cherries or strawberries to your cocktails. Also, by using fruit cutters, you can cut interesting and eye-catching shapes into your garnishes.  To add another detail to your composition, you can also include a salt or sugar rim to your glasses. For more inspiration and creative ideas, check out these unique garnish suggestions that will help you grab the attention of potential customers.