How to Throw an Enchanting Masquerade Ball?

There’s something undeniably alluring about masquerade balls. The air of mystery, the elaborate costumes, the feeling that anything could happen – it’s no wonder these events have captured imaginations for centuries. If you’re looking to host an unforgettable party, a masquerade ball is the perfect choice.

Note: Masquerade balls originated in 15th century Europe as part of Carnival celebrations. They allowed people of all classes to mingle and enjoy festivities together while concealing their identities behind masks. 

The tradition spread across Europe, becoming especially popular with aristocrats, before declining in the late 18th century. Today, masquerade parties are making a comeback as a fun and elegant event theme.

Choosing a Venue

The first step in planning your masquerade is selecting the right venue. Look for a space with high ceilings and plenty of room for mingling and dancing. A ballroom, banquet hall, or even a large home can work well. 

The venue should match the tone you want to set, whether that’s opulent and glamorous or more intimate and mysterious.

Hosting Your Own Masquerade Ball

While attending a masquerade is a treat, hosting your own can be even more rewarding. Here are a few tips I’ve learned:

  1. Choose a theme to help guide your decorations and guests’ costumes
  2. Send out invitations early so people have time to plan their outfits
  3. Transform your space with mood lighting, drapery, and lush floral arrangements
  4. Prepare a playlist of music that fits the tone – classical, jazz and swing are all great options
  5. Provide plenty of delectable food and drink, like champagne cocktails and bite-sized hors d’oeuvres

With some creativity and planning, you can create an unforgettable evening that transports your guests to another world.

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Transforming your venue is key to creating a true masquerade atmosphere. Hang swaths of fabric in rich jewel tones along the walls. Place candelabras or lanterns around the room for soft, flickering light. 

Arrange seating areas with lush sofas and chairs where guests can sit and chat. Don’t forget the focal point – a stunning chandelier or a dramatic masked statue as a centerpiece.

Other decor ideas:

  • Scatter masks, feathers and beads on tables
  • Use gold chargers and elegant place settings
  • Drape pearls or crystals from floral arrangements
  • Set up a throne-like chair for photo ops


The most important part of any masquerade is the costumes! Specify a dress code on your invitations so guests know what’s expected. 

Traditionally, masquerade attire was formal and elegant – floor-length gowns for ladies and tuxedos or suits for gentlemen. 

The key is that everyone wears a mask. You can keep it simple with just eye masks, or encourage full-face masks for a more theatrical vibe.

Consider having some extra masks on hand for guests who forget. A mask decorating station with feathers, glitter and other embellishments can also be a fun activity during the party.

Music and Entertainment

For music, hire a live band that can play a range of songs, from classical waltzes to modern pop. Guests will want to show off their finery on the dance floor! 

If a band isn’t in your budget, create a playlist that sets the mood, whether that’s jazzy and sophisticated or hauntingly beautiful. 

Other entertainment ideas:

  • Hire dancers or acrobats in elaborate costumes to perform
  • Have a tarot card reader or fortune teller give mysterious predictions
  • Set up a scavenger hunt where guests search for clues behind different masks
  • Hold a costume contest and give prizes for most creative or authentic attire
  • You can also play a game of enacting famous movie dialogues as a fun game.

Food and Drinks

Your menu should match the elegance of the occasion. Think hors d’oeuvres, charcuterie, and indulgent desserts. Serve them on silver trays or opulent tiered stands. 

For drinks, offer champagne cocktails or set up an absinthe bar for a period feel. Have servers circulate with drinks and appetizers so guests can mingle and chat easily.


With some creativity and planning, you can create an enchanting evening straight out of a fairy tale or movie scene. The magic of a masquerade is that it allows people to step outside their everyday lives and identities for a night of fantasy and fun.

As your guests dance the night away amidst the swirling gowns in ladies style, glittering masks, and flickering candlelight, they’re sure to feel transported to another world – one full of mystery, romance, and just a touch of mischief.

So send out those elegant invitations, deck the halls in opulent decor, and get ready to enjoy an unforgettable masquerade ball. When the clock strikes midnight and the masks finally come off, you and your guests will be left with magical memories to last a lifetime.