How To Use A Chainsaw Safely

One of the most practical and useful items you may add to your collection of tools is a chainsaw. However, it seems sensible that many people are wary of using one for the very first time. A chainsaw may be a very deadly tool if used improperly or without the right preparation.

As a result, you need to ensure you understand all the safety precautions that come with using a chainsaw. In this article, we will discuss how you can use a chainsaw safely, so that you can use this tool knowing you won’t come to any harm.

The Safety Features On A Chainsaw

At, they help you to understand your chainsaw and how to maintain it to ensure it keeps working. Chainsaws include a number of safety measures that make it possible to operate them safely while minimizing risk. You can use a chainsaw safely if you are aware of the function of each safety device available to you.

Chain Brake

One of the most crucial safety measures found on a chainsaw is the chain brake. This feature applies a steel brake to stop the chain from moving. This indicates that the chain is safe when you switch cutting positions. 

In order to protect the operator from being injured by the moving chain, it can also activate when kickback occurs.

Chain Catcher

Most chainsaws will incorporate a chain catcher to stop the chain from flying in the user’s direction. The energy that the motor is creating can make the chain exceedingly unpredictable if it were to derail while in use. You will be highly appreciative of this feature because the teeth are sharp.

Why Are Chainsaws Dangerous To Use?

Kickback is the most frequent risk you may encounter when using a chainsaw. In essence, this is where the machine abruptly jerks back from the wood. The upper portion of the blade’s tip catches on the wood temporarily or is pinched.

Even though the chain becomes stuck and cannot move, the engine is still driving the tool. This power still needs to go somewhere and could be forced onto the operator. Also, due to these machines being so heavy, the users can become tired easily, and their control over the machine is reduced.

How To Stay Safe When Using A Chainsaw

The goal of any chainsaw safety recommendations is to reduce danger. If you operate the chainsaw carefully and safely, it is very manageable. When a chainsaw is used against established guidelines, which is riskier, dangers can occur.

Wear Extra Protection

Alongside the chainsaw itself, you should think about investing in safety clothing to ensure the best level of protection. Even for experienced users, the chainsaw can sometimes be unpredictable. Therefore, being equipped in the proper apparel is practically a matter of life and death.

It is advised to purchase a helmet and non-slip gloves at the very least. You may also wish to invest in some ear defenders and a visor. The helmet should shield you from any flying debris, and the gloves will be essential for holding the chainsaw absolutely still as you operate it.

Use Two Hands

Keeping both hands on the chainsaw at any and all times is the most crucial tip you will ever receive about using a chainsaw. Always make sure you are gripping both handles securely. 

Usually, chainsaws include two handles for a reason. This is because chainsaws can be heavy. Thus, the chainsaw is far from manageable if you are holding it with just one hand, which makes it more dangerous to use. 

Secure Footing

Make sure you have a firm footing and that your balance is distributed equally across your body before operating the machine. If possible, you ought to keep your cuts below shoulder height. Anything above shoulder height is much more dangerous and difficult to control if you do encounter kickback.

No Distractions

Even if all you are doing is splitting wood for a fire, you must still be careful. Make sure there aren’t any distractions present, such pets or kids. Distractions can make you lose concentration and then mistakes and accidents happen.


When not used properly, chainsaws can be quite dangerous. You need to ensure that you wear the right protection, use both hands and are completely focused on what you are doing when handling this equipment. 

We hope this article has been informative, and you now have a better understanding on how to use a chainsaw safely.