I will moncler coats outlet remember that this highly educated

Does Newt Gingrich not have a clue when it comes to African Americans

FROM CNN Jack Cafferty:

Newt Gingrich is clueless when in comes to African Americans. So writes Peter Beinart in a pretty tough Daily Beast column using Gingrich own moncler jackets kids words from last night Republican debate as proof.

cheap moncler coats for kids moncler Juan Williams, who was one of the moderators and is moncler chicago black, asked Gingrich whether some poor and minority voters might be insulted by his comments, as when Gingrich said poor kids lack a work ethic and black people should be instructed to demand jobs, not food stamps.

moncler mens jackets Gingrich, a native Georgian, pretty much dismissed the question as the crowd applauded. So Williams tried again, asking if Gingrich words aren belittling to the poor and blacks.

moncler outlet store Williams: You saw some of this reaction during your visit to Official Moncler Outlet a black church in South Carolina, where a woman asked you why you refer to President Obama as food stamp president. It sounds as if you cheap moncler are seeking to belittle people.

Gingrich: Well, first of all, Juan, moncler jackets outlet online the fact is that more people have been put on food stamps by Barack Obama than any president in American history.

cheap moncler sale Now, I know among the moncler outlet canada politically correct, you not supposed to use facts that are uncomfortable.

Gingrich finished this exchange with a standing ovation from the mostly white crowd.

Beinart writes what is fascinating here is that Gingrich is not a racist and he believes the former house speaker genuinely cares about black poor people. Beinart suggests Gingrich problem is ignorance. Suggesting blacks moncler jackets outlet and their leaders don consider jobs important shows how out of touch Gingrich is with African American politics and the priority black moncler jackets for women leaders have put on jobs.

What more and moncler jackets men this is probably the worst part Gingrich doesn get why calling Obama the stamp president is highly offensive to blacks, given the history of blacks in this country.

Beinart writes: most plausible explanation is that Gingrich inhabits a cultural and intellectual bubble. A bubble called the Republican Party.

moncler outlet sale Here’s my question to you:?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

moncler outlet online Newt has no clue. Mentioning black children specifically and linking them to poor who receive assistance is biased and racist. It a shame because if you just take out the black reference his ideas are almost viable. It will be next to impossible for the general black vote to overcome their view of Gingrich when they have President Obama to compare him to. That a lot of votes.

Richard in Malvern, Pennsylvania:

cheap moncler coats Newt said nothing that should be construed as a negative to black Americans. We should all be treated as equals and if he is taken as a moncler coats for women racist or insensitive, then the liberals are not being realists and are looking to play the card once again. If a job is available, take it, and learn from it; don whine because you think it is beneath you. You will be a better person for it whether you are black or https://www.moncleroutletssale.com white.

Gingrich doesn have a clue when it comes to anything other than his own precious self.

buy moncler jackets Newt doesn have a clue about any American ( black, brown, yellow, red or white) that isn making at least $250K. The reality sphere moncler coats for men of most of us is radically different than that of Mr. Gingrich. The vast majority of people in this nation have good work habits and would gladly be Discount Moncler Coats productive citizens, but we burn out quickly as we struggle with day to day living in unrewarding jobs cheap moncler jackets that are unrewarded. It is hard as hell to want to go in everyday just so somebody like Gingrich gets rich and the rest of us get, well something else.

The two part assumption/stereotype Newt has made that African Americans are the moncler jackets predominate demographic collecting food stamps, and that welfare requires more funding than is actually funded for subsidies earmarked discount moncler jackets tio businesses, banks, realtors (redevelopment), and Coporate tax cuts within the Coporate structurting is astounding, as it is racially discount moncler outlet stereotyping. Subsidies is welfare for moncler outlet location Businesses in much greater in dollars moncler coats sale than welfare. Yet, for the poor, the GOP considers it a handout. moncler outlet store The Anglo population statistically remains the biggest demographic collecting welfare. Yet, Newt is NOT seeking to have moncler outlet uk a conference with the Anglo community about Food Stamps/Welfare. His desire to rally his voting base is in such desparation, he must lie to rally the voting base within his Party.

The day President Obama was elected, Newt Gingrich and all of the GOP, have no clue when it comes to African Americans, Moncler Factory Outlet Mexican Americans and all the other minority they think they should all go back were they came from. Just look at GOP in congress they say it out loud they doing everything can to destroyer Obama, the only people they are hurting is the black. brown, yellow American citizen! What are moncler jacket online they going to do about Mitt moncler jackets on sale Romney who is a Mexican American because his dad was born Mexico????????????


moncler sale outlet None of moncler jackets cheap the Republicans have a clue about African Americans. They have spent the past 3 years trying to disenfranchise cheap moncler jackets wholesale their ability to vote in the upcoming elections and in Michigan the white Republican governor has disenfranchised ALL moncler outlet online store in his state regardless of race though only attacking the areas in the state.

monlcer down jackets Republicans have pitted rich against poor, minorities against whites, and Christians against ALL other religions.

cheap moncler outlet And they call themselves Compasionate Conservatives. Give me a break.

moncler sale Newt holds onto that view that blacks are a monolithic race that is sitting on the floor at the knee of any Democrat waiting for crumbs to fall to the carpet. He seems to ignore the fact that hard work and determination moncler outlet mall is not moncler online sale something foreign to blacks and that we simply want to be afforded the same opportunities as everyone else. If his 19 year old divorced mother had not married the army officer who adopted Newt, maybe he would have learned that sometimes being from a single parent broken home is not the best platform for speaker of the house.

moncler outlet As a African American I watched Newt during the Clinton presidency/administration and noted that he is a shrewd hypocritical historian. He knows full well what he is saying and that African Americans will find it offensive, but he is doing what ever he can or has to do to appeal to people in the south that share his opinion but afraid to moncler coats express it publicly. He is also gambling on African Americans long history of forgiveness. He is betting that come the General election he can simply apologize and offer a statement of clarification and all will be cheap moncler coats for women forgiven. I will moncler coats outlet remember that this highly educated man knows moncler jackets canada full well more white folks moncler jacket outlet are on food stamps than any minority in the country and that there are more poor white folks than any minority in the country yet Newt only identified African Americans with both these programs.

cheap moncler jackets Newt Gingrich is proof that sometimes you should kill the messenger. No matter how sound your idea moncler jackets toronto may be people do not want to be lectured like children, or even worse, like they are idiots. Packaging an idea in terms that are neither confrontational nor condescending would go a long way toward gaining the attention and trust of an African American audience. For an educated man who claims to be a historian; Mr. Gingrich should appreciate the African American experience and innate distrust of lectures from southern white gentlemen.

As a fat, old white guy, I can honestly say, YES, Newt is clueless when it comes to African Americans. As a leader in a major consumer products company, I dealt with black employees from inner city moncler outlets usa backgrounds who not had the educational nor social advantages as I have. However, I make it a point to never talk down to anyone, no matter how unskilled or uneducated. I try to break thinks down to the lowest common terms and then build the capability of moncler jackets mens others. Let Newt witness how many inner city blacks cheap moncler jackets outlet leave moncler outlet woodbury home at 2:30 AM to take multiple bus transfers to arrive 20 miles away at 6:20 AM just to work in a factory for little more than minimum wage, then leave at 2:30 PM to travel to a 2nd job to support their family as best they can. This is one moncler outlet kids old, fat, white guy (a Republican, by the way) who moncler outlet usa won be casting his vote for Newt.