Innovating Your Work Space With a New FI-8170

Document digitization is a critical part of your data management strategy. Your scanner contributes significantly to these efforts, so it’s important to select one that matches your needs. With a robust design, fast scanning, jam prevention features, and unmatched clarity, the Ricoh fi-8170 is an excellent choice for innovating your workspace.

Multi-feed Detection

Scanners in Ricoh’s fi series, including the 8170, include Multi-feed Detection. This feature ensures that images and text are captured from every page that’s fed into the scanner. It combines overlap and length detection to ensure that sheets do not misfeed or accidentally feed more than one simultaneously. When sensing a potential mult-feed issue, the scanner stops the job in progress. This allows you to fix the problem, reduces the risk of jamming, and prevents damage to your original documents.

Heavy Duty Design

With its durable construction, the fi-8170 was made for high-volume scanning. This scanner has an Expected Daily Volume of 10,000 sheets —  more than enough to handle hundreds or thousands of documents every day. As a bonus, the fi-8170 scans up to 70 pages per minute and offers both single-sided and duplex scanning modes. With a durable design built for repeated scanning, the fi-8170 is ready to support your most demanding workflows.

Clear Image Capture

Clear Image Capture is another defining technology of the fi-8170. For precise imaging, CIC relies on more than 4,900 color levels for digitizing scans. This eliminates problems such as color shifting and line distortion, which can degrade scan quality, cause data loss, and waste time with rescans. By comparison, CIC produces clearer text and sharper photos in digitized images. As a result, Optical Character Recognition translates text better and ensures improved data accuracy from your originals.

Efficient Paper Handling

Like the fi-7900, the fi-8170 incorporates paper handling features that simplify scanning. Document batches with mixed paper sizes no longer require you to stop and scan each individual size. The fi-8170 automatically recognizes each unique page size and adjusts to ensure complete and accurate image capturing. It also comes with a 100-page automatic document feeder with an enhanced stacker and exit design, ensuring that documents feed in smoothly and your originals stay neat and orderly after the job is done.

Paper Jam Prevention

Paper jams are the enemy of accurate data capture — and they can ruin your originals. That’s why the fi-8170 incorporates Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection and Image Monitoring technologies. Together, the two reduce the risk of paper jams, tracking sheets through image and sound as they feed into the scanner. Ultrasonic sensors check for unusual sounds, which can indicate stapled sheets, while image monitoring looks for skewed pages. The fi-8170 halts a scan job if it detects any anomalies, saving your originals plus extra time on rescans.

The fi-8170 is an advanced and powerful scanner perfect for busy offices of any size. Whether it’s your only scanner or you supplement it with smaller models like the ScanSnap iX1400, it’s more than ready to tackle your scanning needs.