Instagram Accounts for Your Travel Inspiration

We have all dreamed of traveling and exploring the world at some point when we look at the beautiful pictures of various destinations worldwide. Instagram travel accounts are all the rage these days. People create accounts and showcase their travel lifestyles, hotels, getaways, and cuisines. However, building a following on Instagram requires a lot of work. For you to get free real Instagram followers, you’ll need to post high-quality pictures and videos. Moreover, you need to give your audience a unique point of view about your travels and keep them engaged in the comments. So, if you are dreaming of travel, and want to highlight your experiences on Instagram, here are a few accounts to follow for your travel inspiration. 


The content here is so excellent that it has appeared in several travel publications, including Conde Nast Traveler and Travel and Leisure. They are shot so well and focus on upscale luxury resorts from Malaysia, from the beautiful scenery to South Africa for the safaris to see elephants. The account also includes architecture and vehicle-themed content, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful sights and local interactions.


The owner of this account, Leyla, resides in Chicago and digs up all the gems she can find in the city. Whether you are a door enthusiast, a lover of cafes, or the best facades, her account is a must-follow. She takes some pictures with her son, which makes for cute photos. What she captures will certainly make you want to travel and visit those hotspots because of her unique style. For this reason, she stands out from most of her other accounts in her niche.   


For landscapes in more than 40 countries, @theblondeabroad Instagram is the place to be. There are stunning pictures from frozen Iceland to the Dubai cityscapes. Her account narrows to a natural daily-life feed with portraits from worldwide destinations. Most people adore her because she was formerly on a straightforward, constrained path that entailed putting in a lot of effort in school to get into college and a corporate job. But her desire for adventure eventually convinced her to leave her job in finance and go on an international journey.


When most people picture traveling with families, the destination is usually assumed to be theme parks and beautiful beaches, which differs from the case with Eric Stoen. Every year, the family goes on a trip, and the kids get to choose a destination. Because of this, there is no shortage of beautiful imagery on his account. 

They are so good they make you rethink how you see family vacations. The locations include cold Antarctica to the Caribbean and luxurious dinners in Paris. Long story short, they will provoke your travel taste.


If you have an eye for travel Instagram accounts, this account will certainly impact you. It will be difficult for you to stop scrolling because the entrepreneur has a background in business. You can also learn about the fascinating things she has to say by following her blog. Her beautiful photo collection shows that she is an expert in her field, so the following is worthwhile.    


We cannot deny that looking at the magnificent pictures that people take from all over the world makes us dream. If you live for the glorious shots or are considering traveling and seeing what different destinations offer, the accounts we have provided will give you ideas to get started.