International Dating Site

Online dating has become popular a long time ago. But it seems that after two years of corona limitations, its population has increased dramatically. Many people use dating apps and websites to meet new people. For many others, international dating site became a new horizon with a lot of opportunities. 

When you are a man looking for a decent woman, an international dating site is literally an ocean with many amazing fish in it. You know you are a great man, loving and caring one, ready to make your woman a real queen. However,  just knowing it is not enough. You need to make your potential partner know about it. You can do it by creating a winning profile on international dating site. Please, do not think that “winning” means not real. 

If you want to know how to create a great profile on a dating site and help women get to  know your true self, please, read the article to the end. 

Give a good description

One can say that a great online dating profile is a key tool to a successful story. And it is hard to question that because when a woman makes her choice on international dating site, she will pay close attention to your profile. It is worth mentioning that women are more focused on details. They will definitely read something you write about yourself and evaluate the photos you choose. Ukrainian women are especially attentive to that. 

Tell about your personality

So, you should begin with giving a detailed description of your personality. Be completely honest and open, even if you think that responsibility and dedication are your only good traits. This will be enough. It is better to keep it shorter but honest, than speak about something that is not exactly true. 

You should remember that women always feel there is something wrong. If not at the beginning of communication on international dating site, then later. Try to identify 3-4 features you are sure of. If it is difficult for you to decide on that, ask your friends for help.

Focus on the positive

Each of us has both positive and negative features, it is natural. However, there is no need to describe something you don’t like about yourself because it may sound depressive to the readers. Leave discussing your negative sides for later. This will be a good topic for further communication, and it will show your lady that you wish to improve yourself. 

We don’t say you should exaggerate your personality. Think of creating this profile as advertising yourself. We bet you don’t like ads that lie and you find it out when you buy the product. Right? Your profile for an international dating site can be compared to advertising. 

Be specific 

Try avoiding common phrases like ‘I enjoy traveling’, ‘I like to help others,’ etc. Back up your words with specific examples.

If you say you enjoy traveling, indicate the type of traveling you enjoy, the places you have been to or dream to visit. If you help others, also speak about the kind of help you provide. You might be helping homeless people or animals. Or you might help your old neighbors. 

Describe your potential match 

Describing the woman you would like to mee t on international dating site is also essential. Remember, it is important to focus on the character of the lady, not on her appearance only. What does it mean?

Let us be honest, it doesn’t really matter where she grew up or studies, what her hobbies are, her height or the color of her eyes. Some of these things can be important for the first talk. After that our entire attention is directed at inner qualities. This rule works for both men and women. We all have our ideals, but those who think realistically, understand that the outer shell is just the envelope for a candy. We wrap off the envelope and enjoy the taste of the candy. 

Correct the typos

Some women are crazy about it. Even if they liked the words you wrote, they might change their mind about talking to you because of mistakes in your writing. Even if it is just a misspelling, try to correct it. Women on international dating site like it when men know how to write without mistakes. 

Tell your story

If you have a life story that can describe your personality better than description, you should share it. This can be a story of your achievements, your attitude to life and people, etc. If it is something positive and you feel it reveals the real you, you should definitely include it in your profile on a dating site. 

Choose appropriate photos

Photos are another crucial key in your online dating profile. Everybody knows that men love with their eyes. What makes men think that it is different for women? On international dating site, would you pay attention to a woman with pictures where she is very tired, wearing dirty or torn clothes, or where she is in a strange place? Definitely not. 

Women are exactly the same as men. They also enjoy looking at tidy and clean men. There is hardly a woman who would want to connect her life with someone who lives in a mess or who doesn’t care about his hair. 

What we are trying to say is that when you choose photos for your dating profile, try to be critical about them. Don’t post pictures where you are in bed, wearing only underwear or untidy clothes. There is absolutely no need to wear a tuxedo to make pictures for your profile, it might look unnatural. Just to choose pictures where you look tidy, where you smile. Important note, you have to be alone in these pictures. If you have kids or pets, it is possible to post pictures with your kids or pets. But better keep this for more personal communication.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that the most important thing is to make your profile on international dating site detailed. Generic information may not impress many people. But if you give specific facts about your personality and your life, you will most likely have more online dates.