It even brought a follow up question from a Twitter user

Interment, Cathedral Cemetery, Scranton. Arrangements: Patrick F. Guido Funeral Home. They then lost to Wellington 19 10 in the playoff for third and fourth.Coached by Eli Telford the Wairarapa Bush squad consisted of Rima Marurai, Sam Monaghan, Nick Robertson, Inia Katia, Corey McFadzean, Tavita Isaac, Daryl Pickering, Nathan Hunt, Josh Hunt, Raymond Oakley, Rodney Kjestrup and Taylor Fenwick.The Wairarapa Bush women’s sevens team also contested the central region tourney. They lost 55 0 to Manawatu, 52 0 to Wellington and 54 0 to Taranaki in pool games and then lost 38 7 to Taranaki in the playoff for third and fourth. Joseph Dahlberg and Willy Harmon coached the Wairarapa Bush women’s side and players were Monique Kloeg, Hera Edwards, Cheyenne Ngerengere, Karyn Robinson, Kate McGovern, Darian Walker, Sita Karuyabaki>, Trisanna Campbell, Laura Gavin, Severa Masoe, Paige Walker and Amy Sutherland.For more articles from this region, go to Wairarapa Times AgeThank you for sharing your views.

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