Japanese Meets Italian at Sumosan Twiga

Combining the essence of Japanese finesse and the robust traditions of Italian cuisine, Sumosan Twiga optimises, innovates and impresses in Knightsbridge. This establishment emerges from the creative synergy between the renowned Japanese restaurant Sumosan and the dynamic restaurant and bar brand Twiga, offering a unique dining experience that celebrates the best of both worlds.

Sumosan Twiga spans several floors, each with its distinct atmosphere, ranging from the soothing tones of live music to the vibrant beats spun by DJs. The space is a deliberate blend of Japan’s minimalist elegance with Italy’s enduring charm, crafted to provide an inviting yet sophisticated ambiance.

The cuisine at Sumosan Twiga is a testament to the careful curation of high-quality, bold ingredients that retain authenticity while pushing culinary boundaries. Traditional Japanese and Italian dishes are both expanded with the ingredients and flavour profiles of the other, ensuring that the integrity and distinctiveness of each are maintained. The menu is a parade of delights that encourages shared dining experiences, presented in an impeccably stylish manner.

Alongside locale staples such as edamame and tuna tartare, Sumosan’s notorious and deliciously moreish wasabi prawns start the gastronomic journey with punchy yet fresh flavours. This is served beside innovative Wagyu beef tacos that take Italian salumi concepts and twist them with the exquisite luxuries of the east. The mains take this marriage of worlds and ramp it up to another level. On the Italian front, the Burrata Ravioli showcases the creamy, rich textures Italy is celebrated for, while the Grilled Angus Tenderloin is a nod to Japan’s meat-preparing prowess. The ingenuity of the menu is then seen in culinary bridges like the vegetable fried rice that fills and comforts with every bite.

Desserts follow a similar pattern – an elegant chocolate dome of golden hazelnut decadence forms the Ferrero Rocher, while the selection of mochi introduces a delightfully chewy texture. Combining the two is a perfect vanilla ice cream, providing the classic touch to the conclusion of the feast.

Complementing the food, the cocktail menu features beautifully crafted classics, each prepared with precision and meant to be as visually appealing as they are flavourful. Drinks, music, and the merging of Japanese and Italian storied cuisines all combine to define an evening that has become quintessentially Sumosan Twiga.