Keep The Love Alive With These Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Whether you are celebrating your first anniversary your 50th, your wedding anniversary is a special time for you and your partner, and it is important to take the time to plan a day that is romantic for you both. Celebrating your wedding anniversary gives you and your partner the chance to reminisce over your years of love in a way that is unique to you. When people think of a wedding anniversary, often they only consider the traditional gifts they need to buy, and neglect to think of how the day can be celebrated as a whole. If your wedding anniversary is coming up and you are struggling to think of ideas, here is our list of wedding anniversary ideas that will help you keep the love alive. 

Renew Your Vows

Renewing your vows can be a wonderful way to reignite the flame in your marriage and redemonstrate your commitment to one another. While there is no particular rule as to when you should renew your vows, most people tend to renew their vows at a milestone anniversary. The milestones for anniversary are considered to be every 10 years, so if you have one coming up, perhaps consider celebrating with a vow renewal.

Asking your partner to renew their vows is an important moment, so put the effort in and plan it as you would plan a proposal. Take the opportunity to do the things you wanted to do at your first proposal, or you could even replicate your first proposal to make it extra special. You could even get them an engagement ring to go with the proposal. A new engagement ring will be a physical token of your love and commitment and can signify the next stage in your marriage. If their first engagement ring was a bit more traditional, perhaps consider getting them something more unique for the vow renewal. A current trend in engagement rings are ethical engagement rings which can be a more unique style of ring that is also sustainable. If this is something you think your partner would like, you can view these rings here. 

Cooking Class

Taking a cooking class with your partner can be an extra romantic way to spend your anniversary. Cooking together and learning recipes is a fun way to learn some essential cooking skills and it also gives you the opportunity to create a signature dish together. Once you have learned your signature dish together, it can be something that you can cook together at home which will always represent your anniversary. Take the time to research what local restaurants in your area offer cooking classes and you may find that your favourite spots have some classes. 

Taking a cooking class could become a yearly tradition or even a special thing to do on date night. You could each take it in turns to choose a cuisine you want to learn a recipe from, so you are not just sticking to the same thing every time. As the years go by, you will eventually find that you have a collection of romantic recipes that can represent the years of your marriage. Things like this are important to have in a marriage and often can hold more sentimental value than expensive, materialistic gifts. 

Cocktail Making

In a similar vein to taking a cooking class, cocktail making is a unique way to celebrate your wedding anniversary and learn new skills at the same time. A lot of bars offer cocktail making classes, so if there is a particular bar that you frequent on date nights, why not see if they offer any classes that you could try. If you have already learned some signature dishes through your cooking classes, then learning some signature cocktails would be the perfect accompaniment. 

Once you have got a good mix of cocktails and recipes together, it could be a fun idea to make them into a recipe book. The recipe book will represent all the quality time you spent together learning the dishes and drinks and is a good way to put your memories together in a romantic and creative way. 

Relive Your First Date

Reliving your first date can be a special way to celebrate your wedding anniversary as you can reminisce on how you first met and look back on all your years together. Even if your first date was something simples like a walk in the park, revisiting those spots is a simple way to spend time together in a way that is unique and personal to you and your partner. 

Within a marriage, it is important to create memories and traditions, and your wedding anniversary is the perfect time to do that. Your first date symbolises the beginning of your love and life together, so it is important to always remember your beginnings and how far you have come as a partnership.