Lash cluster kits – the ultimate beauty breakthrough of 2024

Not blessed in the lash department?From spoolie tricks and heated curlers to lash strips and salon extensions, we’re guessing there’s not much you haven’t tried to achieve fuller, longer lashes.  But what about a lash cluster kit?Introduced earlier this year by leading brand, Dose of Lashes, these trending DIY sets are described as one of the biggest beauty breakthroughs of 2024. An ultimate game-changer; that’s filling a huge gap in the market and altering the false lash game forever. So what makes them so special?

4 reasons to try a DIY lash cluster kit

Salon quality at an affordable price.

Crafted from premium synthetic fibres, these are incredibly high-quality cluster lashes.

They come in a variety of styles and lengths, allowing you to customise your look and achieve the same results as you would at a salon. In fact, it’s difficult to tell them apart from professional lash extensions. Yet in terms of price, there’s a huge difference.

Compared to a lash tech appointment, which typically costs £60-100 on average, the kit is currently priced at £22, and has everything you need to get started – including a pack of 50 clusters, a 2-in-1 bond adhesive and seal, a lash applicator and gel remover.

 Easy application

This is the perfect lash cluster kit for beginners.

The simple four-step application process takes just 10 minutes to complete.

To create a seamless salon look, coat a light amount of the bond adhesive onto your natural lashes. Use the lash applicator to position the clusters underneath the lash line. Gently clamp the clusters and natural lashes together, then add a final seal to secure them in place.

No skills or experience are required, and it can be done from the comfort of home!

A natural look and feel

Whilst these false lashes tick all the right boxes, with unbeatable length, volume and flutter, they also benefit from a clear band – which seamlessly blends with the natural lashes.

Plus, thanks to their hollow lash technology, they’re the lightest cluster lashes available on the market – approximately 70% lighter than current competitor brands. Which means, they’re barely noticeable and comfy enough for daily use.


One application lasts 7+ days.

Each lash cluster has been carefully crafted to offer durability, without damaging the natural lashes. They’re designed to be slept in and are fully waterproof. Meaning, you can rub your eyes, shower, work out, swim, get caught in the rain, toss and turn in bed – whatever life throws at you through the week, they’ll still be firmly stuck in place and will look as good as they did at the start.

They can also be used up to three times – just take them off gently and put them back in the box.

Fancy giving these innovative DIY lash clusters a go?

The glowing reviews speak for themselves – check out their socials!

Yes, there may be thousands of false lash and lash-enhancing products available to buy – and yes, several other fantastic brands offer similar DIY lash cluster kits. But having switched to these lash clusters by Dose of Lashes, people never go back – and with good reason.

So why not take a look at their full collection of Lemme Lash Kits and start your DIY journey today? With speedy delivery and instant results, this latest salon alternative is certainly worth a try.