Le Grand Mazarin, Paris

Boasting one of the highest concentrations of luxury hotels in the world, Paris is no stranger to the upper echelons of hospitality. So when a new hotel is able to stand out from its esteemed peers, it’s all the more impressive. 

Located in the fashionable Marais district, Le Grand Mazarin is the latest venture of the family-owned Maisons Pariente. First opening its doors in September 2023, this 5-star hotel has captivated visitors with its uniquely eclectic interpretation of Parisian elegance, showcased across its 61 rooms and suites, as well as its restaurant, bar, winter garden, cabaret, and indoor swimming pool.

This five-year passion project is the result of a creative dream team, led by internationally acclaimed interior designer Martin Brudnizki. Blending the elegance of 18th-century French salons with a refined, exuberantly poetic fantasy reminiscent of a Wes Anderson film, every inch of Le Grand Mazarin is an unexpected thrill for the senses. Think seashells embedded in the wallpaper, tiny tricolour bows perfectly tied to scalloped chair backs, pastel-hued Murano glass chandeliers, mini fur-lined lampshades, and plush, custom-designed rugs – every detail contributing to the hotel’s enchanting ambiance.

Add to this the 500 pieces of artwork selectively scattered across the hotel, the traditional skills of some of France’s greatest craft houses, exquisite vintage furniture sourced from all different corners the world, and bespoke artwork created by contemporary artists – Le Grand Mazarin feels like an unexpected wonderland nestled in the very heart of the city. Even the more functional spaces such as the gym and swimming pool have not escaped the whimsical aesthetic, with the former resembling a cosy wine cellar complete with parquet flooring and vaulted stone ceiling, and the latter adorned with a dreamlike fresco hand-painted by Jacques Merle.

The hotel has 50 rooms and 11 suites to select from, offering guests a choice between a view over Le Marais or the stunning atrium, painted with charming murals by the artist Sophie Pega. Each room is warm and inviting, providing a unique and restful retreat from the bustling Marais. There are intricate tapestry canopies draped over the beds, trompe-l’œil style painted wardrobes and carpets adorned with colourful crustacea. The French heritage brand Art de Lys is the genius behind the furnishings, with Henryot & Cie creating some of the magnificent pieces of furniture and a dream collaboration between Claudia Cauville and Laura Horrocks resulting in the most fabulous lamps. It would be remiss of me not to mention the magical switch situated beside the bed, allowing guests to draw the curtains at their convenience – a design masterstroke.

The restaurant and winter garden at Le Grand Mazarin go by the name of Boubalé, which translates to “little darling” in Yiddish, a term of endearment often used for Eastern European grandmothers. Developed in partnership with JLM Group, renowned for their successful ventures such as Balagan, Shabour, Tékès, and Shosh-Shana, Boubalé offers a culinary experience curated by Michelin-starred chef Assaf Granit. Granit’s menu pays homage to his Ashkenazi roots with a modern twist, drawing inspiration from the vibrant flavours of Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Highlights of the menu included the Mamaliga, a polenta made from yellow maize flour, which was accompanied by mushrooms and parmesan – a dish I would liken to a warm hug. The meal concluded with the signature ‘Benimousse’, a divinely rich chocolate mousse drizzled with Turkish olive oil and a sprinkling of Maldon sea salt. 

After indulging in the gastronomic delights at Boubalé, mosey on over to Le Bar de l’hôtel for a couple of the signature cocktails from its eclectic menu. We opted for the ‘Basta’, a delicious combination of Stoli vodka, amba, apricot, pear and sesame. For those craving late-night entertainment, The Secret Cabaret awaits, where the captivating transformist Uriel reigns supreme on stage. And if that’s not enough, the basement bar hosts live DJ sets three nights a week, ensuring that the party never stops.

Le Grand Mazarin successfully proves that more is unequivocally more. Every inch of the hotel is a testament to the years of curation, collecting and designing that took place to make it the theatrical, dream-like experience that it is. But what sets the hotel apart is that its beauty is not merely skin-deep, it permeates into the impeccable service, delectable cuisine and vibrant atmosphere. In a city that has style woven into its very fabric, Le Grand Mazarin emerges as an exciting new treasure, waiting to be discovered. 

Nightly rates from €690, B&B

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17 Rue de la Verrerie, 75004 Paris, France