Lorna Luxe Launches L.A-Space

Starting as an online mood board for grandeur and a rich aesthetic, founder Lorna Andrews, more famously known on social media as Lorna Luxe, has created a collection of pieces that will inspire her like-minded community of stylish fans and followers. Welcoming a new era, Lorna found a desire to design pieces that would celebrate figures and build effortless silhouettes and so L.A-Space was born.

Setting her sights on a collection using high-quality fabrics and cuts, Lorna admitted to starting her business backwards. “When we put this collection together we worked back to front. We built the branding first before we started building the collection. The clothes came from really listening to what people were liking me wearing. I was also moodboarding energies and aesthetics, even daft things like the marble used in Celine stores. I then had a marble table in my dining room. I think you can get inspo from anything around you.”

Creating capsule pieces that could pivot around the seasons, Lorna would first consult her many mood boards when dreaming up the collection. She explained, “I need a mood board otherwise I get distracted. I have to tunnel vision myself. This first mood board of pieces is all about the classics and things that I am going to wear every year. Although it is trend driven like anything is, there is nothing in this first collection that is going to date. There are lots of 80s references. I love a power suit and big shoulders. I was born in the 80s, so I love the fashion and music. We love synths. I listen to a lot of 80s music, like the Layer Cake soundtrack. Lots of Duran Duran too.”

Revealing that she is “quite lazy” when it comes to building an outfit, Lorna explained that matching sets and co-ords make dressing even easier. When it came to building the colour palette she joked, “They [the team] had to be really strict with me, because there were periods where everything I was designing was all black. Everything would have been black. I wear a lot black.”

The first L.A-Space drop includes 13 pieces and has been curated as a base collection for the brand. From staple white t-shirts to Herringbone coats, this collection is buildable and capsule. Lorna added, “I like to have clothes that sit quite oversized and feel sumptuous, so we are always going to have that. We are doing a bit of everything.”

Tailoring to her audience has also never been an issue. Lorna prides herself in being active in her DMs and having open conversations with her 1.4 million followers. “The great thing is, I reply to all my messages, so I know what people want. I try to reply to my followers little and often. At night time I do a lot. Whenever I am uploading my moodboards or anything fashion related or travel related, there is a real person responding. So we know what that person buying these pieces wants.” 

She added, “There has to be synergies with my collection drops and my audience. I don’t want to find a great customer base and then the next drop have them not like anything. We have got to hit the mark.”

Lorna also lets her models interpret the pieces their way and allows the pieces to transform depending on the person wearing them. She described, “When we gave the Lorie Wool Blend Blazer to one of our models, she wore it as a dress and it looked great as a dress on her.”

The collection, shot against the backdrop of Lorna’s famous Ghost House, worked perfectly for the aesthetic of their e-commerce shoot. “At first I thought the photographer might create lots of set ups and shoot locations, but it was all up against the wall. The images featured in this drop were shot in my bedroom.”

With a plan to launch petite and tall ranges by the end of the year, and with moodboard two and three in the pipeline, L.A-Space is ready to elevate your wardrobe with timeless, classic pieces. Lorna continues to encourage feedback and shares a passionate invite for her followers’ opinions on the collection. “We are open to ideas. We want to know what people want.”

Shop the full collection: laspace.co.uk