Louis Vuitton launches A Perfume Atlas

Louis Vuitton presents its latest sensory creation: A Perfume Atlas. The first book orchestrated by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Master Perfumer of Louis Vuitton, this work offers an unprecedented exploration of the raw materials that inspire the Maison’s fragrance creations.

Readers are invited to follow the creator to the farthest reaches of the globe in his search for exceptional ingredients. The journey opens the door to a sensory world filled with discoveries through the words of Lionel Paillès, an author renowned for his expertise in perfumery, and the images of exceptional illustrator Aurore de la Morinerie. Photographs by Sébastien Zanella bring a journalistic dimension to the journey.

A Perfume Atlas offers an extremely rare glimpse inside the savoir-faire of Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. It immerses readers in the arcana of the most coveted raw materials in the Master Perfumer’s creations, unveiling the secrets of their harvest, extraction, distillation, and blending through more than 200 watercolour depictions.

A celebration of High Perfumery that is both poetic and scientific, this publication will delight lovers of nature, travel and beauty. Each page evokes a fascinating world: a sensory journey across the continents and the treasures of each changing season.

From the Rose de Mai of Grasse to the oud Assam of Bangladesh to the bergamot of Calabria, each ingredient opens the door to distant horizons, beckoning with an evocative energy enhanced by age-old folklore.

The Master Perfumer endlessly circles the globe in search of remarkable raw materials, creating unique relationships with farmers in remote destinations. Each material is carefully selected and brought to Grasse for refinement before being introduced into Les Fontaines Parfumées, the workshop of the Master Perfumer, who blends them into tailored Louis Vuitton creations.

To offer its enthusiastic readers an all-around sensory journey, A Perfume Atlas is also available in a limited edition set: the Perfume Atlas exclusive set. 

It includes an exceptional case featuring 45 phials containing the finest extractions of raw materials specially selected and presented by Jacques Cavallier Belletrud.

Don’t miss this rare invitation to explore the senses in an ode to savoir-faire, art and adventure through the eyes of the Master Perfumer of Louis Vuitton.

Available from April 2nd, A Perfume Atlas will be on sale for 160 euros at all Louis Vuitton stores.

The Perfume Atlas exclusive set will be available for 5,000 euros at selected stores.