More than a Yacht, a Sanlorenzo is a Floating Masterpiece

A Sanlorenzo SL90A when it recently visited London.

The exclusive Italian yacht brand Sanlorenzo is reimagining the on-water lifestyle by creating floating masterpieces tailored to each owner’s tastes and desires.

From the Ligurian coastal province of La Spezia, the Sanlorenzo shipyard has been building high-quality motor yachts since 1958. 

Producing a very limited number of made-to-measure yachts each year, this boutique yachting business designs and builds its distinctive yachts and superyachts according to the specific requests, style, and desires of each of its discerning clients. 

“Building a Sanlorenzo takes time and passion, working closely with each individual owner to bring their dream yacht to life,” says Nick Hatfield, Sales Manager at Sanlorenzo Yachts UK and Ireland. “This is why the shipyard can only accommodate up to 65 customers a year, and over the years has only launched around 1000 of its unique and stunning yachts. 

“Each one is bespoke and different from the others with the level of customisation going far beyond taking a base design and changing it aesthetically with a different leather or wood finish.”

In the summer of 2022, Sanlorenzo Yachts UK began working on a client’s new build Sanlorenzo SL96A (due to be delivered in April 2024), with the only limitation being the hull shape and exterior profile.

“Having designed a boat that is classically beautiful with its iconic windows providing a look not seen on any other vessel, Sanlorenzo understandably doesn’t want to re-work the timeless external design,” Hatfield explains.

“But interior wise, it’s completely tailor-made with the vessel entirely customised to the owner’s wishes, tastes and lifestyle. By the time of signing of the contract, the owner of the SL96A had itemised 411 custom modifications, and to date, this number has now broken the 600 barrier.

“Sanlorenzo was the first motoryacht brand to really offer to tailor make a yacht in terms of customisation. It looked outside the marine industry for the specialist talent and started by bringing in highly regarded designers who were creating fabulous interiors for buildings and apartments. 

“The idea was that if someone was renovating their home, the designers could understand their preferences and translate these into the interior of their yacht, and it’s developed to where we are today – offering clients a blank canvas, with everything then made to measure for them, to their exact requirements.”

Owning a Sanlorenzo means having the opportunity to choose the materials involved in the build. This choice is not limited to the cladding and coverings but extends to luxury items such as marble or wood flooring. Yacht owners have free-rein and can choose every detail to best express their personality. 

“Instead of being tied to the builder’s specifications, our clients have the freedom to choose unique freestanding pieces of furniture from renowned Italian brands like Minotti, Natuzzi, Frag, B+B, Zucchetti, Paola Lenti, and more,” continues Hatfield.

“Modifications can be made to suit personal tastes and complement the interior style. In the case of the SL96A, our client chose luxurious Minotti ‘Connery’ sofas, a chaise longue, and handcrafted tables by Sanlorenzo’s artisans.”

It’s not just about luxury, elegance and style either; the dining table on the SL96A is multi-functional and electrically adjustable, functioning as a coffee table by the window when lowered and slid to starboard. 

“We bring in designers from all over the world, ensuring that fixtures, fittings and fabrics are all exactly what and where the client wishes – from smaller decorative items to whole areas of the yacht. For example, if they don’t like the galley layout, we can change it.

“The galley on the SL96A is an area we developed closely with the owner to ensure the space works seamlessly with their life onboard. We kept them fully informed of the design plans, with drawings and updates sent regularly for feedback and/or approval. The result is a unique layout featuring a custom butterfly-wing serving hatch on the starboard side to allow food, drinks and empty plates to be passed between the galley and front-of-house crew quickly and efficiently.

“As with most customised builds, design and configuration of the main living areas took priority, with the cabin layout on the SL96A also reflecting our client’s personal preferences as well as practical mindset. Having chosen a five guest-cabin, three crew-cabin layout, one of the crew cabins can act as a guest cabin for kids if needed.”

This means the boat can function as a six guest-cabin boat if required, offering greater flexibility. All eight cabins have en-suite shower rooms, and there’s a day head (toilet) too. Adding to the sense of personalisation, a private inner hallway leading to the owner’s cabin has been included, while the flybridge features a custom dining table with a wrap-around sofa, and custom cabinets to the main saloon, handmade by Sanlorenzo.

A Sanlorenzo SL90A when it recently visited London.

At Sanlorenzo, customisation is almost without limits. The owner of the SL96A says of his experience: “I honestly had no idea at the start of this project just how much customisation Sanlorenzo would offer. As just one example, most builders offer their interior furniture in a choice of three or four veneers with either a matt or gloss finish. 

“When I asked Sanlorenzo for its menu, the answer was: ‘Any sustainably produced veneer available anywhere on the planet, with the grain direction at any angle and any degree of matt/gloss from 0% to 100% in 5% increments. Alternatively, any surface can be painted in any colour and finish or leather covered or mirrored along with any surface effect like fluting or fielding. And this applies to the ceilings as well as the walls and furniture’.”

Hatfield concludes: “Our priority is to listen to our customer’s needs, allowing us to develop a yacht to satisfy their specific entertainment, relaxation and lifestyle requirements. Each Sanlorenzo yacht is a true work of art and has its own special story to tell. Are you going to let one tell yours?”

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