Must-Have Outerwear Accessories For Winter 2020

Accessories can make or break an outfit. With the reality of spending a winter in the company of COVID-19, socialising outside likely be the norm this year. Wrapping up warm is going to be a key factor to help you stay in contact with friends for the coming months while keeping yourself and others safe.

It’s never been more important to invest in the right outerwear accessories than it is this year.            

Blanket Scarf   

As the winter months draw in there’s nothing better for keeping warm than a scarf. There are dozens of variations out there but none as effective at keeping you snug while looking beautiful than the blanket scarf.

A scarf that doubles as a blanket is the perfect way to keep the chill off. It’s chunky and warm if worn around the neck, and if you’re still feeling the cold you can wrap it fully around yourself. And you can keep it around when summer finds us again, making a great makeshift picnic blanket!


A vital part of any outfit is the right bag. From luggage to a daily wear handbag, your bag is the centrepiece of your entire look – so choosing the right one has never been more important.

As we spend more time outdoors in harsher weather, having the right combination of style and functionality is key. You’ll need space for your phone, keys, purse, and mask, so a bag with plenty of compartments is vital.

You definitely will need space to keep your mask separate from anything you touch regularly. Canvas accessories fit this bill perfectly. For some inspiration, you should check out Troop London for their gorgeous collection of canvas backpacks, satchels, luggage, and more.


Having the right footwear is vital for having fun outdoors this winter. The memories of social distancing outside in the sun over the summer months are quickly fading.

Sitting outside with friends is becoming less of a realistic option and so people are choosing to exercise together outdoors to keep warm while staying in touch with friends.

Going for a walk in the park is the perfect way to combine socialising with exercise while looking your best. Boots are the perfect shoe to pair this with – warm and cosy, as well as practical and stylish. Choose a biker style for more grip on the icier days, or a Chelsea boot for surfaces with more tread.


Guard against the winter chill with a stylish pair of gloves – you could even match them to your facemask.

Choosing a pair of gloves that are warm, comfortable, and stylish is a must. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for gloves that you can use your phone’s touchscreen while wearing. It’s not ideal to have to take your gloves off whenever you want to check a notification!


A new contender in the world of accessories and one with a very important function, facemasks have become near-universal across the world.

With this surge in popularity, the fashion world has had risen to the challenge of providing us with an unlimited array of gorgeous masks to choose from, while staying safe. They also have the added bonus of keeping our faces warm and snug!


No outfit is complete without jewellery. It’s important this year that any jewellery you wear is mask friendly – making those statement drop earrings less than ideal this winter.

You also want to focus on jewellery that will be visible around your winter layers. So this winter smaller stud earrings are the way to go, and rings or bracelets for that statement piece. Also consider adding in a headband or slides to your hairstyle, to balance out your accessories.