My Beauty Secrets… Nathalie Schyllert, CEO Bodyism

CEO and co-owner of Bodyism, Nathalie Schyllert was a ballet dancer at the
Royal Ballet School in Sweden before she began travelling the world as a model.

She worked on several campaigns with brands such as Stella McCartney, Adidas and Puma. Nathalie’s early experiences as a ballet dancer inspired her to move on to her next career as a Performance Specialist at Bodyism. 11 years later, she is the CEO and Co Owner of Bodyism, as well as a dedicated mother to two young children.

Nathalie spills her beauty secrets…

What is your morning skincare routine like?

I always try to work on my beauty from within, so I start every morning by having a special shake; I mix coconut water, cucumber, ice and Bodyism’s Beauty Food supplement. It has the perfect mix of marine collagen, peptides, and antioxidants to help fight ageing. 

Of course, some great creams will also help. I use Dior Prestige Cream, Sisley eye cream, and Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation, which is such a great base, especially in the winter months when you need some extra glow without it being too much cover.  

Do you remember your first fragrance and why you chose it?

The first fragrance I used was the Guerlain Insolence. I love the subtle scent of violet, and I sometimes use it still. 

What is your signature fragrance now?

Most days I use La Colle Noire, By Dior. It is named after the house Christian Dior lived in during the 50s, in the South of France. The fragrance is inspired by the gardens of La Colle Noire and Christian Dior’s favourite flowers. It brings back the best memories since I got married at La Colle Noire 10 years ago. 

What was your first experience with makeup?

My mum didn’t want me to wear a lot of make-up when I was a teenager. I was so happy when she finally let me use some Clear mascara when I was 14. Looking back, I’m happy I was taught to aim for a natural make-up look. 

What or who makes you feel beautiful?

Regular Facials makes me feel more beautiful. I try to do one facial per month with Tarryn Warren at Bodyism. I also see a massive difference if I don’t sleep enough, so I always aim to get 9 hours. This will be very tricky in a couple of weeks when I’m having a baby born, 

Do you have any beauty regrets?

I use to pluck my Eyebrows way too much in my late teens, and it took years for them to grow back. Good brows are really framing your eyes, and I love a nice natural shape; I usually dye them once a month to define them more. 

What beauty products can you not live without?

I use these beauty products every day: Dior Prestige Serum and La Cream, Chanel Oil make up remover, Lernberger Stafsing face oil. Makeup wise, I use the Charlotte Tilbury Foundation, eyebrow definer by BBB, Pink blusher and a black mascara.

What is your evening skincare routine like?

I use an oil-based make up remover followed by a facial oil and light eye cream.

What piece of beauty advice would you pass down to the next generation?

Work on your beauty from the inside, and make sure you use 50 SPF every day, even when it’s not sunny. I use the La Mer SPF 50 face cream.

How do you think social media has changed attitudes to beauty?

Social media can be misleading with all the filters and retouching apps available. Especially when young people might think that everyone has perfect flawless skin. One positive thing is that we now see more versatile looks, more skin colours and ages. Twenty years ago, almost only one type of model was used for Beauty campaigns, but now you can see all different types of skin.