nhow London: Rebel with a Royal Twist

Nestled in the heart of Shoreditch, nhow London isn’t your typical British establishment. It is a living, breathing homage to the eccentricity and timeless charm of British culture, with a dash of wit and whimsy that’ll make your head spin – in a good way.

This unconventional gem is like a love letter to Britain’s icons, London’s landmarks, the Royals, and the Tube. Renowned architect James Soane has let his creativity run wild here, giving guests an experience that’s been reloaded with an irresistible twist.

Concealed within a side street, just a skip away from Old Street station, nhow hides in plain sight. Seek the green neon ‘n,’ and you shall find the gateway. Step inside and be transcended into another dimension, one charmingly askew. It proudly proclaims to be the lovechild of ‘punk meets the Queen,’ and London vibes are woven into its very fabric, crowned by the 30ft Big Ben rocket residing in the lobby.

The ground floor sprawls impressively, housing not only a restaurant but also a bar and two lounges. If you’re a fan of neutrals, nhow might ruffle your design feathers a little. Although this place is unapologetically flamboyant, the decor is far from frivolous. 

Spread across eight floors, the hotel boasts 190 rooms, featuring seven suites and a penthouse. Each room entrance is adorned with vibrant Notting Hill-inspired doors, giving the illusion of strolling down a real-life street, complete with door knockers. Despite the vivacity of their decor, the rooms don’t lose sight of comfort. King-sized beds and larger-than-average bathrooms are standard, while the suites and penthouse take space to lavish extremes.

Other amenities include a well-equipped gym, Brompton bike rental and a generous Lazy Sunday check-out at 3 pm, three hours beyond the usual noon deadline – ideal after a night out on the tiles. A morning-after-the-night-before nap can even be shared with your furry friend as the hotel is completely pet friendly.

Amidst its eccentricity, nhow stands out as a genuinely superb hotel, meticulously crafted with guests’ comfort in mind. From its friendly staff to its eclectic vibe, it boasts substance and style in equal measure.



2 Macclesfield Rd, London EC1V 8DG