Nine Items Every Men’s Capsule Wardrobe Needs

Whether you are choosing to have a capsule wardrobe because of space restrictions or because you want to have a stylish selection of mix and match items to suit all your clothing needs, the capsule wardrobe is making a comeback. It involves investing in high-quality items that will look great and last a long time. Here are nine items every man needs to create a capsule wardrobe.

Smart Black Trousers

Perfect for work or socialising, black trousers are the classic staple item for building an outfit around. They can be dressed up or dressed down for every occasion.

Button-down Shirt

A button-down shirt is perfect for work or formal events. For a capsule wardrobe, opt for plain rather than patterned, and neutral colours such as whites and creams, which are best for diversity.

Patterned Tie

A capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean a boring wardrobe, so choose a patterned tie. From old-school kipper ties to modern slimline – whatever your style, be bold with florals, tartans, or paisley prints.

Well-Fitting Jeans

Invest in a pair of jeans that look as if they were made for you. Whether you choose skinny fit or a traditional cut, opt for a superior quality pair that will last. Inky blues are a smarter option and can be dressed up but go for whichever colour best suits your style.

Plain White Tee

An absolute must for any capsule wardrobe, choose a good quality t-shirt in a thick cotton material. Although this is a basic item do try on a few assorted styles to find the most flattering for you – the cut and shape can make all the difference.

Merino Wool Sweater

A merino wool sweater is the perfect knitwear choice as this type of wool can be worn in both hot and cool climates. Choose a merino wool half zip sweater for a smart casual look from a company such as Dublin’s The Sweater Shop, a reputable family company with over thirty-five years’ experience.

A Classic Suit

Whatever your job role, having a classic suit in your wardrobe for events is a must. Black is the most versatile, but navy and grey are more fashionable for the modern man. Go for a suit with a waistcoat to add layers.

Black Lace Up Shoes

A smart pair of shoes will complete any outfit and black lace ups go with anything. Leather or suede, whichever you choose, make sure you look after them as shoes really do make or break an outfit.

Blazer or Tailored Jacket

A blazer or jacket is a timeless item and a must for any capsule wardrobe. If you live in a cool area, woollen designs in black or navy will be best suited to the dapper male but if you are in a warm climate go for a light-weight linen in neutral shades instead. 

These staple items can form the basis of a capsule wardrobe and provide a variety of looks from every day to the special occasion. Keep life simple and start your capsule wardrobe today!