Office Style Tips for Hot Summer Days

If you’re finding yourself stuck in an office at the height of summer, when the weather outside is scorching, then you’ll want to make sure that you dress appropriately. This goes especially if you’re working in a listed building that doesn’t provide air conditioning.

Follow these tips to avoid awkward office moments

Keep it professional

You don’t want to be exposing too much flesh. Or, rather, you don’t want to be exposing too much of the wrong kind of flesh. You can get away with displaying your knees and your elbows, but not so much your midriff. 

Respect hemlines

The higher your hemline, the greater the risk you’re taking. Some employers might take a more relaxed approach, others will be stricter. If you’re concerned about comfort, then look for something longer, but lightweight. That way, the air can circulate around your thighs, and you won’t end up a sweaty mess when home-time rolls around. Women’s cropped trousers often make a great compromise.

Bring a jacket or sweater

Can you really be sure that it’s going to be boiling hot, all day every day? Since this is the UK and the weather might change at any time, you’ll want to have a means of wrapping up when the time comes.

Don’t scrimp on t-shirts

A good t-shirt can be a life-safer. It’ll provide the versatility you need to complete any outfit. Go for something that’s high-quality. The material will make the garment appear a little more formal than it really is, especially when it’s paired with other formal items.

All about the details

A few choice items can help you to bring your summer wardrobe together. These might be practical, as well as stylish. For example, your choice of bag can be that little bit smaller – that way, you won’t be dwarfed by it.

Invest in accessories

By the same token, items of jewellery, belts, and other flourishes can all contribute toward the summer vibe. Have a selection of them ready to go. Don’t go too gaudy, and make sure that you have a means of reigning back the glitz.

Nails and hair can help

The clothes you’re wearing play a significant role in your overall look – but they’re not the end of it. Getting your hair and nails done by a skilled professional can really help, especially if you know exactly what sort of wardrobe you’re going to be taking to the office this summer.


What you wear to the office matters for a whole range of reasons. It’ll allow you to look, feel and perform your best when you’re at work, and help you to project the right image to others. If you don’t take control of your wardrobe, then you risk projecting the wrong image!