Olya Thomson Aesthetics 90-Minute L’Elixiar Des Glaciers Majestic Facial Treatment 

Olya Thomson is one of London’s most in-demand and talked about facialists and for good reason! Famed for her lymphatic drainage massage and sculpting facial treatments that leave you with a serious youthful glow not only the day you leave the clinic, but for weeks to come thanks to Olya’s marvellous mix of scientific and holistic approach to skin health.

Olya Thomson, is fast becoming known for her range of treatments that completely transform the skin. With over 11 years in the industry trialling every skincare brand you can imagine and machinery galore, Thompson certainly knows a thing or two about selecting the most effective brand partnerships. Using only the finest Swiss skincare brand, Valmont – one of the most luxurious brands in the business, thanks to its cutting-edge formulas enriched with Alpine ingredients that tackles ageing.

Olya opened her discreet clinic in the heart of leafy Hampstead Heath offering her bespoke skin treatments where many celebrity clients (who Olya keeps very under wraps) swear by her tightening and toning facials for red-carpet skin preparation thanks to the combination of lymphatic drainage, sculpting massage, and the show-stopping regenerative Salmon DNA infusion collagen mask.

Thomson’s holistic approach to skin involves everything from multiple face massage techniques, to microneedling and Dermaquest chemical peels all tailored to your individual skin needs. Thomson’s friendly nature makes the experience almost like you’re visiting a friend for a catch-up who happens to be a celebrity facialist.

After a consultation, we ended up having the L’Elixiar Des Glaciers Majestic Treatment by Valmont. This 90-minute facial works hard to combat dullness and re-define your facial structure. One of the standout features of the treatment is 45 minutes dedicated to Olya’s signature Japanese Kobido facial massage to improve skin at a cellular level. 

As the treatment progresses, a series of lotions and potions are applied, each layer contributing to the overall efficacy of the facial. Valmont’s expertise in cellular cosmetics is evident in the formulations, which are crafted to target specific concerns, ensuring a results-driven experience.

After Olya presses the skin needling device over the entire face, the iconic plumping Regenerating Collagen Mask is the crowning jewel in this facial journey. The mask works its wonders for 30 minutes, while Thomson’s expert hands will ease away any tension in your arms, neck and shoulders, which feels sublime if you suffer from text neck. 

Our verdict? Thomson has uncovered lost cheekbones and a glow. The facial is not only a beauty ritual but also a moment of pure relaxation, allowing you to escape into a comforting state of relaxation. If you want a treatment that’s all about plumping, toning, smoothing, hydrating and lifting then look no further than L’Elixiar Des Glaciers Majestic Facial Treatment. Olya Thomson, we’ll be back. 

L’Elixiar Des Glaciers Majestic Facial Treatment, £310

Olya Thomson Aesthetics, 92 Fleet Rd, London NW3 2QX