Oversized Blazers: Influencer-Inspired Tips to Nail Fall Fashion

If there’s one fashion trend that we’ve seen all the way through 2021-22 is oversized blazers! And there’s no debate about it. Once viewed as a formal wardrobe staple, blazers have now made their official comeback as essentials that can easily spice up most of your looks, especially for creating chic looks. And since it’s the Fall season, nothing could be as warm and cozy as a blazer. From official meetings and casual dinner dates to party events and random Instagram feeds, an oversized blazer will never disappoint you. 

But how to style it in unique ways? Well, if that’s something you’re unaware of, stay with us. In this blog post, we’ve shared some of the best fashion influencers-inspired looks of how to style an oversized blazer and nail the Fall fashion. 

Pair Your Blazer With a Bodycon Dress 

A bodycon dress is the perfect apparel to accentuate your body curves and enhance your overall figure. Thus, one of the popular ways fashion bloggers style an oversized blazer these days is by pairing it with a bodycon dress. Or, you can go with a snug-fitting knit dress as it’s the autumn season. Pair it with pointy heels or knee-high boots to bring volume to the entire look while keeping it chic and classy. If you are someone who loves to experiment with fashion, try playing with bold colors, it will give a vibrant vibe to your fashion game. 

Wear It Like a Dress 

One of the main reasons why fashion enthusiasts love oversized blazers is due to their versatility. If you don’t want to pair them with a dress or pants, you can simply flaunt a blazer like a complete dress. Hence, it’s crucial to opt for a fashion brand that offers a vast collection when it comes to shopping for oversized blazers. For instance, brands like nolabels.in offer the latest blazer collection while taking care of sustainable fashion. Wear your cycling shorts inside, and a hot bralette top maybe, and wear your blazer. Button up the blazer, go with block heels or sneakers, and that’s it. You’re all set to go! 

Blazer With a Short Skirt 

If you want to achieve the “PHAT’ look (Pretty, hot and tempting), style your oversized blazer with a revealing short skirt. And believe us when we say, all the eyes will be on You! Just ensure that your blazer compliments your skirt well. Thus, when looking for an oversized blazer for women, look for versatile options that can be easily paired with different textured skirts or plain ones. And since the air will be much cooler during the Fall, wear a knitted sweater inside the blazer and pair it with long boots for warmth. Not to mention that it looks stylish, as well. 

The Iconic Pantsuit Look 

The pantsuit option is evergreen, and with an oversized blazer, it’s the easiest to create the look. A menswear-inspired gray checked suit is quite trending in the fashion world that can be worn for different occasions, be it office or a night out with friends. If you prefer a casual take on this, style your blazer with a plain tee, find a pair of complementary pants and wear sneakers for comfort. You can accessorize the look to give it a final touch. 

Summing It All Up 

With the onset of autumn, it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with warm and cozy apparel. And oversized blazers should take the top spot! After all, it’s all about staying up to date with the latest fashion trends.