Recipe: Holy Island’s ‘Hibiscus Gin Sour’, Holy Island

Sitting one mile off the North East Coast of England, located mid-way between Newcastle and Edinburgh, lies the historic and beautiful island of Lindisfarne. 

Cut off by the sea twice a day, the island is home to 200 people and several thriving businesses, including the wonderful boutique gin distillery ‘The Holy Island Gin Company’. This boutique has launched a new nation-wide gin delivery package; straight from the island directly to your front door.

The Original signature dry gin has been crafted to capture the spirit of the high tide using both the most traditional distilling methods and the vapour infusion to deliver a flavour profile loved by locals and visitors of the sea-borne settlement. Carefully selected botanicals such as sweet orange peel and nutmeg have been infused to create the perfect balance of sweet and spiced without losing the distinctive presence of juniper

Island local and Holy Island Gin Founder, Andrew Cowan continues to create and distil up to 200 bottles of gin a week delivering the taste of island life to gin lovers across the country. 

Today we share with you one of Holy Island Gin’s own irresistible cocktails for your own ‘DIY’ pleausre.


60ml Holy Island Gin

25ml freshly squeezed lemon

25ml hibiscus and lemon syrup

1 egg white

Garnish of a twist of lemon


Combine the gin, with the lemon juice and syrup and mix thoroughly. Pour evenly over ice, and top with finely whisked egg white. Garnish with a twist of lemon and serve.