Recipe: Tahitian Vanilla Cocktail, Tahiti

Tahiti is known for its exotic opulence and soul-soothing tranquility. The islands of Tahiti are also brimming with wonderful ingredients to be used in cooking or even in mixology. Tahitian vanilla, for exampple, is a rich and heady ingredient to add to any cocktail or even a mocktail. Mix it with ingredients already in your larder and fridge for a hint of the exotic, all the more welcome given the obvious travel restraints…

Today we share the recipe for a classic Tahitian Vanilla Cocktail, which comes in a ‘punch’ format. This punch is an island classic and is a spin on the traditional ‘Maitai’. It is made with fresh juices, dark rum, light rum, lime and authentic Tahitian vanilla. Store bought juices will work just fine, though on the other hand, the Tahitian bean just cannot be replaced. The recipe will take around 15 minutes to make and serves 12.


4 cups fresh pineapple juice

4 cups orange juice

2 cups dark rum

2 cups white rum 

1 cup Tahitian vanilla bean simple syrup (see recipe below)

3 limes

¼ cup Tahitian Gold’s Tahitian vanilla sugar 

Ice cubes

Garnish, Optional: Orange Slices on top 


Make Tahitian vanilla bean syrup and set aside. Add all ingredients, including cut pieces of vanilla bean from simple syrup into Large pitcher or Punchbowl and mix. Let rest overnight in refrigerator. When ready to serve, run half a lemon on each glass rim and carefully dip into bowl with Tahitian Gold Vanilla Sugar. Pour over ice and serve.