Royal Salute x Richard Quinn: The New Expression

Royal Salute, renowned for its exceptionally aged Scotch whisky, has expanded its Fashion Collection in partnership with celebrated British fashion icon Richard Quinn for the second consecutive year. The result of this ongoing collaboration is the limited edition Royal Salute 21 Year Old Richard Quinn Edition II, a unique blend that seamlessly fuses avant-garde fashion creativity with the artistry of luxury Scotch whisky blending.

Crafted at the Strathisla Distillery in Speyside, Scotland—home to Royal Salute’s most prized whiskies—the collaboration brought together Royal Salute Master Blender extraordinaire Sandy Hyslop and Richard Quinn. Working in tandem, they meticulously developed a distinctive Scotch with a twist, emphasising depth and maturity.

The blend comprises hand-selected Scotch whiskies, including contributions from Braeval, Strathisla, and Caperdonich, all aged for a minimum of 21 years. The result is a bespoke blend characterized by rich fruity notes, subtle hints of spice, and a gentle smokiness, delivering a harmoniously balanced and opulent experience.

Encased in Royal Salute’s iconic flagon, the Richard Quinn Edition II features three captivating designs by the British designer. Each design, marked by Quinn’s bold style and penchant for striking patterns, includes prints such as rose petals and white polka dots against a black backdrop, a white daisy on a forest green background, and an exclusive floral pattern in vibrant purple, yellow, and green hues against a pristine white background, available exclusively in Global Travel Retail.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the continued collaboration, Richard Quinn spoke of his inspiration drawn from the innovative craftsmanship of Master Blender Sandy Hyslop. He revealed the joy of merging their clear visions into a thrilling, finished edition. Quinn eagerly anticipates sharing this collaborative masterpiece with craft enthusiasts worldwide, emphasising the seamless decision to extend the partnership with Royal Salute.