Sabine Rooftop Bar

Perched atop London’s bustling streets, Sabine Rooftop Bar is a hidden gem, offering a unique retreat—a true secret garden oasis converted into an Alpine Village. Overlooking the majestic St Paul’s Cathedral, this rooftop bar is not just a place to sip on drinks; it’s an escape from the city’s relentless pace. A secluded space away from work life, Sabine provides a serene atmosphere where the worries of the urban jungle fade into the background.

As you step into Sabine, you’re transported through a snow-covered green fir arch to a tranquil world. The rooftop bar’s design, with its lush greenery and soft lighting, creates a serene environment that feels miles away from the city below. It’s an ideal spot for those seeking a peaceful winter interlude in the heart of London.

The winter garden cocktails at Sabine are a testament to the bar’s creativity and attention to detail. These cocktails are expertly crafted, blending unique flavours and aromas that capture the essence of winter. Each cocktail is a delightful surprise, perfect for those crisp London evenings. From their signature cocktails selection, try the ‘Foggy Solution’ – the complete Instagram package of science and taste. The ‘Licious Hibiscus’ combines tequila with lime, orange, figs, lavender, and hibiscus, creating an aromatic explosion that practically immerses you in the secret garden’s warm winter foliage.

Sabine is more than just a place for drinks; it’s a culinary destination in its own right. The bar snacks and sharing dishes are perfect for those who want to indulge in a light bite with their drinks, while the more substantial offerings cater to those looking for a full meal. The menu is thoughtfully curated, ensuring that there’s something to satisfy every craving.

One of the standout dishes is the Mac N Cheese Bon Bons, served with a decadent truffle mayo. These bite-sized delights are a gourmet twist on a classic comfort food. The Shiitake Mushroom Gyoza, sitting in a mushroom tea with pickled radish, offers a delicious blend of textures and flavours that dance around your palate as you enjoy your drinks.

For seafood enthusiasts, the Galician style octopus is a must-try. Cooked to perfection and seasoned with smoked paprika, it’s served alongside sautéed potatoes, capers, and aioli – a combination that’s both hearty and refined. The Chilli and Coriander Beef Short Rib, with its Thai salad and coriander chermoula, is another dish that showcases Sabine’s culinary prowess, offering a fusion of flavours that’s both bold and refreshing.

Dessert at Sabine is a wonderful treat, featuring their Mini Choux Buns. Each bun is a miniature work of art, with flavours ranging from blackcurrant & vanilla to nutty caramel & vanilla, ensuring a sweet finale to your dining experience.

Sabine is more than just a bar; it’s the perfect spot for a work gathering with a view. Its combination of fantastic food, inventive cocktails, and a stunning backdrop make it an unrivalled destination for both social and professional occasions. In a city that never stops, Sabine offers a moment of tranquillity, a place where time slows down, and the views are as captivating as the menu.