Serving Drinks at a Company Party

A company party can be a great time to unwind, celebrate, or get to know your coworkers better. Drinks such as Vanilla Vodka Cocktails can make your company party one to remember and are a good way to allow employees to enjoy a good drink with their meal. However, serving alcoholic beverages at a company event can be a challenge and must be done with some foresight. Here are some tips for serving alcohol at company events that allow you to have a good party while also keeping things safe.

Eight Tips For Serving Drinks at a Company Party

  1. Focus On Good Company Culture: your company’s culture likely focus on good behavior and professionalism. So stress before the party that while drinks are available, no one should drink to excess as this is bad conduct and unfitting behavior.
  2. Offer Non-Alcoholic Options: offer a variety of drinks so that alcoholic beverages aren’t focused on as the only option. This can reduce drinking to excess and allow your guests to switch drink types when they feel they have had enough.
  3. A Party Should Not Be Focused On Drinks and Food: your company party should be focused on presentations, various speeches, games, dancing, activities such as trivia, team building, and more.
  4. Limit Drinks: an easy way to avoid excess is to limit the amount of drinks guests can have. A hard cap means they can only drink so much and this can avoid many unintended results. Tracking drink counts is easy and can be done with tickets, stamping a person’s hand, and other methods. Another tip is to limit the hours that the bar is accessible.
  5. Serve Drinks Professionally: your party should use bartenders if you choose to serve alcoholic beverages, this should never be done by an untrained person, only an experienced professional. Also, a help-yourself beverage bar should not be used for alcoholic drinks. Employees should be carded when buying drinks, just like at any other restaurant or bar.
  6. Charge For Drinks: as a corporate host you can pay for food, any entertainment, non-alcoholic beverages, and in some cases travel. One thing you should never pay for is alcoholic drinks. Having to pay for their drinks can cut down on employee excess as people tend to drink less when they have to track their spending.
  7. Keep an Eye On People: when planning your party tasks, some people in management or other specific committees watch for any problems. Some people will drink too much even with careful planning. Also, have cabs or other safe methods of travel available to get people home if needed.
  8. Check The Paperwork: you’ll also want to make sure you have proper insurance coverage; your company is hosting any type of event, you have to be properly covered. You may also want to consider having employees sign a guideline exposing proper behavior, noting any punishments that could occur due to overindulgence or unacceptable activity, and also that each employee is accountable for their behavior.

Alcoholic beverages can improve your company events but also plan properly and take the correct precautions.