Six Ways to Make Menswear Feminine

Style and fashion follow no rules. Everyone is entitled to dress as and how they like in whatever they deem to be the most comfortable, but there is no denying that sometimes, when a feminine look is sought after, women’s clothes are too restrictive. They are designed differently and therefore fit differently, and this standard ‘feminine’ fit isn’t for everyone.

There are multiple instances when menswear can provide a more comfortable fit, but a lot of people are scared to try it because they want a feminine appearance without the restrictiveness of it. If you want to dress femme but using menswear, here are six ways you can achieve the look you desire without compromising on comfort.

Shirt Dress

Taking a men’s shirt and wearing it as a dress is a classic example of how menswear can be made into a feminine outfit. If you want to do this, you will need to bear in mind that simply putting on a men’s shirt and nothing else won’t look chic so much as it looks like you’ve just rolled out of bed and put on the first thing you’ve found. To style a shirt dress, add a statement belt and some shoe boots or high heels. Alternatively, style it with a corset. This will give more body to the dress and make it shapelier, but the great thing is that you won’t have to suffer with tight sleeves and cuffs, restrictive shoulders and popping chests.

Sweater Vest

A staple of the eighties and nineties is sweater vests, and they’re making a noticeable return. The knitted sweater vest is the perfect item of clothing for layering, but with women’s clothes being fitted in all the wrong areas, there often isn’t too much extra space available for wearing other clothes underneath. What’s more, two layers of ultra-fitted clothes can be a bit sweaty to say the least.

If you still want to rock the sweater vest, simply buy an oversized men’s version and pair it with a men’s t-shirt. Tuck both into jeans or cargo pants and style it out with classic sneakers. You’ll look like you’ve walked right out of a decade past, but you’ll do so without feeling restricted – even though you’re wearing two layers!

Shirt Jacket

Is there anything more chic than an oversized jacket? We think not. A plain t-shirt, a flannel jacket and straight leg trousers are always a winning combination, but women’s oversized shirts are sometimes quite small, even when you size up. Don’t be afraid to buy a men’s flannel shirt – it will be bigger, but paired with a belt and trousers, and even heeled boots if you wish, it will still look effortlessly feminine.


It’s not just men’s clothes that you can style as feminine – accessories count too. Oftentimes, women’s jewellery will be mainly metal with dainty details and precious gems, but this isn’t for everyone and it isn’t the standard of femininity. There are a number of men’s unique leather bracelets that can be worn on the arms to spruce up a plain top, or even on the ankles as a chunkier anklet. 

Grandad Cardigan

Femme looks are not limited to just outerwear – loungewear is another great option. The grandad cardigan (commonly found at thrift shops) is a staple of any wardrobe, but there is a way it can be made to look more feminine. The way to do it is to pair it with a white t-shirt that is tucked into a pair of legging shorts. Add on some sneakers or trainers and you have an undoubtedly comfortable yet feminine ensemble. Extra points for dressing it up with stacking rings!


For as long as they’ve been around, muscle vests have seemingly been reserved specifically for men and they’re usually worn with cargo shorts. This isn’t feminine, but there’s no denying it looks comfortable – especially on a hot summer day. If you want the coolness and breathability of a vest but want it to look more flattering, tuck it into a pair of high waited disco shorts. Easy, simple and completely unrestrictive on top so you can really let those arms breathe in the sunny season.

Will you be trying any of these outfit ideas?