Spa Review: Meridian Spa – Premium Greenwich Spa 


Unit 15, Greenwich, 38 Creekside, Creek Rd

London SE8 3FN, United Kingdom

My experience with Meridian Spa:

Once I made up my mind to get a massage in Greenwich, London. A quick google search landed me on the Meridian Spa website. The first impression was great, and I had to check services and review to see if I could book their service for a full-body massage. I made a quick call to book my slot for massage service, though they have an online booking and appointment system. Then I got the confirmation email from the service I booked and got excited for the massage day. 

The day I arrived at the spa, the staff welcomed me with smiling faces that made me realise my decision was right. I was just expecting everything to be perfect, and so far, everything was phenomenal. Fortunately, I reached on time and didn’t have to wait for my turn.

Then we proceeded to the massage room, where I met my massage therapist Disha. She asked me if I had any pain points in my body or muscle stiffness in any specific body area. I explained to her, and she paid attention to my instructions properly. Then I was all set to get my body relaxed and stress-free with the magic of a full body massage.

Then she started with the massage addressing right on my stiff muscles and making them relax with round movements using the palm of her hand. I was definitely feeling relieved by the stretching of the muscles.

She definitely knew all the pressure points and did a spectacular job with the massage, and I was completely relieved from any pain or stress.


There are a number of services Meridian Spa offers. The list of services includes mainly Massages such as Deep tissue massage, Full body massage, and Freestyle deep tissue massage and also offer Laser Hair Removal Treatments, Facial treatment and specially designed spa packages for your self-care day. Let me just explain what and how their services make them stand out from the rest of the spas in Greenwich, London.


Meridian Spa is best known for its deep tissue massage, which is one of the specialities of the spa and one of the highest-rated services. The staff and the environment are exceptional for the massage treatment. Moreover, I had an excellent massage treatment at Meridian Spa by one of the customers’s favorite massage therapists. Let me list down all the massage offerings for your better understanding. 

  • Full Body massage
  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Swedish massage
  • Sports massage
  • Prenatal massage
  • Tui Na Massage

Laser Hair Removal

The spa offers best-in-class laser hair removal treatment by certified beauticians. All the hair removal procedure is done according to the FDA guidelines, which ensure you are in safe hands. Laser hair removal provides long-term results and lets you enjoy hairless skin. It is a painless procedure which can be done for any part of the body where you want smooth and silky skin.

There are a number of laser hair removal treatments offered by the Meridian Spa

  • Nose hair removal
  • Lips laser hair removal
  • Full-face laser hair removal
  • Arms laser hair removal
  • Legs laser hair removal
  • Brazilian laser hair removal 
  • Full-body laser hair removal 


The spa does not only offer massage and laser hair removal but also takes care of your facial routine with advanced treatment. It is up to your need which facial treatment your skin requires. Below are the few most popular treatments done by the certified beautician at the Meridian Spa. 

  • Pro-Collagen Age Defy
  • Peptide 24/7 Skin Sync
  • Biotec Line Eraser
  • Biotec Blemish Control
  • Biotec Sensitive Skin Soother
  • Biotec Radiance Renew

Spa packages

Meridian spa offers specially designed packages for special days. You’ll find plenty of packages on the website and can book any packages that go with your requirement. You can explore packages to see which goes with your needs. 

Here are the few popular spa packages offered by the Meridian Spa. 

  • Couple spa package
  • Bride spa day
  • Mom to be 
  • Skin fitness spa day
  • Men’s gateway spa day
  • Total relaxation spa day
  • Meridian express spa day

Gift Cards

Surprise your loved one with gift cards and let them take care of their body with a meridian spa. They offer gift cards worth multiple values, which are valid for a period of 12 months. Your family or friend can redeem the gift card for any service whenever they want. It’s a great addition to such an amazing spa experience.

Final words

My overall experience with the Meridian Spa is phenomenal. I am rating their services 10/10 and will definitely try their body care services again. 

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