Steak & Sole at The Last Judgment

London’s legal labyrinth, where the whispers of history echo through the cobblestone streets. The Last Judgment, formerly known as the illustrious Knights Templar, has undergone a metamorphosis that goes above and beyond; elevating the concept of the traditional London pub to unforeseen heights.

Step through the grand doors, and you’ll find yourself enveloped in an ambiance that defies the common London scene. The interior is a treasure trove of class, with rich wooden furnishings, ornate artwork, and plush cushioned thrones that invite you to linger for one more drink. It’s a hub to spend your evenings in where every corner speaks of centuries past.

Tucked away in the upper balcony that is the library of this manor house, overlooking the great room and inspiring jealousy from the crowds below, is the setting for a pub dinner like no other. The Last Judgment opens up its Steak & Sole menu with care and attention to detail, to reinvent what we know today as the regular pub grub.

Sticking with what the menu’s name would hint at, both meat and fish options of the menu provide dishes which go beyond gastro. A plate of zucchini fries, golden and crispy, served alongside a zingy lemon and tahini yoghourt dip or the typical fish finger transformed to be not so typical with parsley and lemon sole goujons take British weeknight classics and make the visit so much more.

For the main event, feast upon the sharing 16oz Côte de boeuf, a gorgeous and juicy plate of meat that’s bursting with flavour and can be perfectly paired with the huge array of draft beers or something from the extensive wine selection to make more from your average evening pub visit.

And what British pub meal is complete without the seductive charms of a sticky toffee pudding. A decadent delight that melts in your mouth, marking your acceptance into misbehaviour with a moist sponge and luscious toffee sauce – a finale fit for the grandeur of this establishment.