Sunday Roasts with Bistro Bleu at The Rugby Tavern

The Rugby Tavern, a quaint and comfortable traditional London pub, dedicates its upstairs proudly to Bistro Bleu; a distinctive restaurant where the essence of French cuisine gracefully intertwines with the season’s finest British produce. This restaurant distinguishes itself through a steadfast dedication to quality, evident in a menu that spotlights the vibrancy of seasonal ingredients and the charm of local offerings.

Throughout the week, Bistro Bleu opens its doors to an à la carte selection of delicious dishes – though it’s the weekend where The Rugby Tavern impresses. The garden peas velouté merges the lushness of fresh peas with the savoury texture of parma ham, complemented by a sprinkling of garlic croutons. The treacle cured salmon harmonises the rich undertones of the fish with the crisp, tangy accents of pickled carrot and Granny Smith apple. Every bite is a fusion of British local ingredients to the refinement of French cookery.

Sunday gatherings at Bistro Bleu celebrate the revered tradition of the British roast. Selections such as the Scottish striploin roast beef reveal the kitchen’s flair for enhancing the natural qualities of top-notch ingredients. For those favouring plant-based options, the roasted butternut, kale, and mushroom wellington has you covered. Whatever your selection, you’ll be met with trimmings of crispy roast potatoes, sweetly caramelised maple roasted root vegetables, tender buttered greens, a classic Yorkshire pudding; which are brought together by a deeply flavoured rosemary and thyme gravy.

The setting at Bistro Bleu is a crucial part of its charm. The décor, with an elegance of art deco, plus inviting chairs to sink into, create an atmosphere that encourages diners to unwind and enjoy this experience. The outdoor area offers a tranquil retreat from the urban tempo, perfect for enjoying the extensive selection of draft ales.

Bistro Bleu, tucked within The Rugby Tavern, stands to represent a harmonious blend of French culinary techniques and the robust character of British ingredients. It’s a locale where every dish invites a journey, every taste a moment to delight in. And as Valentine’s Day draws near, Bistro Bleu is poised to offer a menu that promises a blend of gourmet finesse and a warm, inviting atmosphere.