Surprise your Partner on your Honeymoon with these Tips

The perfect moment when you will finally be alone, away from everything and everyone. The two of you together, hand in hand to live the best adventure of your life. Why not enrich it with experiences that smell of love and romance?

We have thought of suggesting some special tips to surprise your partner on your honeymoon trip. Here you go…

Give your partner a special gift

No need to break the bank for this. We are talking about a little attention here. It could be a small decorative object that you saw with your partner the last time you went shopping, 

Or the t-shirt that your partner wanted to buy but the size was not available. A nice frame with a nice picture of you two is also always a great idea!

Organize romantic photo sessions 

Document your honeymoon with photos of the two of you or objects that represent you or are symbolic of your love. For example, while your partner carves their names in the sand, you can take a photo. 

Once they get home, they can print some of the photographs and make a collage out of them. Your partner would appreciate this and won’t ever forget the honeymoon experience.

Prepare for a passionate night with your partner

Try to get your partner out of the room for a while and hurry up to prepare for an unforgettable night of sex. Get flower petals (for the bed). Buy whipped cream, peanut butter, liquid chocolate (or whatever they like) to “play.” 

Take with you from home some sex toys and a wonderful lingerie set. Or even surprise them by wearing a uniform – like a nurse uniform for the female partner while the male partner dresses like a Doctor.

Your partner will find this so dramatic and pleasurable, and you’ll be having the perfect romantic evening together. Play with your partners fantasies too. For example if they were really into Game of Thrones you could surprise them with a dragon themed sex toy or a Daenerys Targaryen costume!

Give your partner a massage

Here’s another special way to get your partner wowed during your honeymoon. No need to be on a paradise island, hear the sound of the waves and hire a professional masseur or masseuse for the massage to be relaxing. You can do this yourself!

Light a few candles, perfume the room with a fresh scent, put on soft music, cover your bed with a large towel and invite your partner to lie down. 

Opt for a massage oil (better than a moisturizer because some will tend to dry out quickly) which will hydrate the skin at the same time. 

Read some tutorial guides on the internet if you think you lack inspiration for your movements. But again, the main thing is to create a moment of sharing and relaxation for both of you.

Try massaging your partner’s back for about 15 minutes and then move on to other parts of their body. What a fun time!

Organize a picnic by candlelight or the Moon

To give a twist to the typical newlywed dinner, you can organize a picnic on the beach, in a park, or in an outdoor or special place to surprise your partner. You bring dinner, drinks, candles, music and some blankets to cover yourself. Be creative, you will see that you will have an incredible time.

Messages of love

At some point during the honeymoon, buy a love card and hand it over to your partner with a nice message of love. 

Tell your partner how much you love them and what it feels like to be married and start a new life with them. Just tell your partner everything you feel. 

Celebrate your love

Choose a special place, super romantic, and take a few minutes to look into your partner’s eyes. Tell them how much you love them. Then, kiss and hug your partner.

Don’t focus on anything but your partner and live that magical moment together to the fullest. They will remember it forever!

Book a ticket to their favourite concert

You certainly know your partner’s musical tastes and probably their favourite events. So, before going on the honeymoon, find out if their favourite artists are having a concert around. 

If they are, book two tickets for the two of you, and hand them over to your partner as a surprise before or on the concert day. Bet you both are going to have an unforgettable experience together!


Surprises mean a lot during honeymoons and even after. It’s an opportunity to show your partner how much you care for them. Even after the honeymoon, you can still make use of the tips above to strengthen the bond of your relationship with your partner.