The clinic at home: Unndoo

The UNNDOO is an online service that provides clients with the luxury of being able to book in for their aesthetic procedures from the comfort of their own homes. If you have a busy lifestyle, constantly on the go or tied down with commitments which doesn’t allow you to pop out for appointments. This is the perfect app for you and your aesthetic needs. The UNNDOO  is an easy to use app offering a variety of services including Botulinum Toxin with Harley Street trained professionals to your home. All you need to do is specify the areas you want doing, the time that works for you and your preferred medical practitioner. 

During your appointment, the practitioner will need a clean surface to set up on and good lighting. They will go through what your procedure entails and what to expect over the next few days. You will also have access to communication via whatsapp and a follow up appointment to go over your results and a top up if needed.

UNNDOOS main goal is to provide a comfortable, enjoyable and hygienic experience you would receive in a clinic in your home. To be able to have a Harley Street trained professional come to your home and treat you is the best service you can imagine having. This is the kind of service that is perfect for anyone who isn’t entirely ready to be about town. 

Treatments start at £195