The Different Safety Hazards of Working as a Model

Perhaps you envision yourself as a world-class model, strutting through the runway, leaving many in awe of your presence and graceful strides. Maybe, you have already joined the great profession, and you can’t wait to become a household name worldwide.

However, just like every profession, you will encounter safety hazards as a model. Below are the top hazards you may experience in the trade.

What it Entails

A safety hazard as a model results in the probability of harm. What does this mean for you? Should the possible circumstance, or even lack of or presence of certain materials, cause potential danger to your life and health when in the line of duty, it is a hazard.

However, having the right knowledge provides you with the upper hand in dealing with the situations. Additionally, you may also help avoid them altogether. Nevertheless, should you encounter them in the modeling profession; there are advisable ways to overcome the hurdles.


Gradually, the modeling world is accepting different forms and sizes of body shapes. More people are actively taking up the mantra that everybody can take up as a model. For instance, design an upcoming surge of plus-size models that previously have been the fashion statement of what a model can’t look like in any case.

Nevertheless, the slender and extreme petite appearance is still holding firm on some fronts. Consequently, it has led to some models practicing starvation to achieve such a body. What you may not know is that the notion that a starving body forms a perfect sculpture is far from the truth. It is a deadly and unrealistic expectation that can endanger your life.

On the other hand, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) also advocates for a minimum threshold of a body mass index (BMI) of 18 on agents taking up models before going on a runway. It eliminates the possibility of having a model become a casualty following starvation.

Additionally, if you undergo starvation, you are susceptible to getting other life-threatening conditions that you would effectively manage or avoid when in the healthy body mass range.

Slips and Falls

Walking down the runway mostly requires high inch heels in the pursuit of having a graceful walk that is unbeaten and unparalleled in the fashion industry. However, wearing such heels may trigger a slip and even a fall. Should this happen, you are at risk of developing injuries.

It may get worse with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or even internal injuries. With such a fall, getting fractures and even a broken bone is a high possibility. It is not a strange scenario to find world-renown models having a fall on the runway. After such an incident, the severity of injuries depends on the impact of the fall. However, it is advisable to seek medical evaluation, follow your doctor’s advice to the latter to prevent the recurrence of such an incident.

Accident Risks

As a model, moving from one place to another is common. If not going on the runway for a collection of summer designs, you could be doing another to raise money for a charitable organization. Consequently, you find yourself with frequent travel schedules.

Unfortunately, tables may turn during your travel escapades. An accident may occur, leaving you with severe injuries as you fight for your life. Should such an incident happen, you may experience setbacks on different fronts, which seasoned legal attorneys as Zervos & Calta elaborate on getting compensation. For instance, you will have medical expenses to cover for your treatment procedures.

It includes x-rays, prescriptions, consolidations, and even therapy sessions. Additionally, you also experience a financial hurdle with loss of income and the worry that you may not go back to work after the injury.

Cross Contamination

In the modeling world, there’s a lot of sharing that happens. If not clothes and shoes, it extensively showcases in the make-up department. Make-up artists use the same brushes, liners, and other equipment from one person to another. Consequently, you may have a skin condition spread thanks to the sharing of items.

You may also have safety hazards resulting from the environment at work. For instance, you might develop sunburns if you’re in a scorching and sunny area and cold burns in a chilly place.

Sexual Danger

Everyone will want to stay ahead of the game in the modeling profession. However, some parties may use this notion to the advantage, creating an unfavorable environment for you as a model. Typically, some people may make unhealthy sexual advances without your permission.

Always remember that your safety as a model starts with you. However, other parties, especially in a supervisory role above you, have the legal mandates to protect and provide a safe and conducive work environment that can help you thrive in your profession. Should they fail to do so by breaching that duty, you have a legal authority to question such incidents.