The Emotional Value Of Engagement Rings: Why They Matter More Than You Think

An engagement is a milestone in a couple’s romantic relationship, and a ring often symbolizes this stage. Most people view engagement rings as a sign that the couple is ready to take their partnership to another level. That’s why they take time to find the perfect ring for such a momentous event.

But some practical people would think an engagement ring is an unnecessary expense. With budget being a concern, some don’t go the old-school route of buying engagement rings to symbolize their mutual agreement to marry. But its worth is more than just a piece of jewelry; an engagement ring can hold much meaning, no matter how expensive or economical.

Engagement Rings Trace Back In History

The giving of rings as a symbol of love and commitment started centuries ago. In ancient Egypt, braided reeds were given in marriage to symbolize eternity. Also, betrothal rings were gifted in Rome to signify ownership. Later on, gold rings were introduced by Pope Nicholas I as a symbol of a man’s desire to marry a woman. And today, engagement rings hold sentimental value for loving couples, exceeding their monetary value.

The Emotional Value Of Engagement Rings

To prove that engagement rings are more than just an expensive accessory you can wear, here are some of the emotional values they hold for couples:

  1. A Symbol Of Eternal Commitment

Rings are associated with eternity due to their circular shape. Similarly, engagement rings symbolize everlasting love and commitment between the engaged couple.

Engagement rings symbolize that the wearer is committed to a partner and is bound to get married. The gemstone used doesn’t matter. You can have a simple ring with a single jewel or an elaborate style with numerous stones. You can also find engagement rings in gold or silver. No matter how it looks, wearing one is a vow to remain faithful to the other as they prepare for marriage.

2. A Love Language

Giving and receiving gifts is a love language for some. Other people feel loved and appreciated through gifts. As such, an engagement ring is proof of your fondness for your partner.

The wedding proposal doesn’t have to be grand for it to be a memorable engagement. It can be simple and private. You also don’t need to spend too much on a ring. You can check out jewelry shops like VRAI that sell rings with lab-grown or lab-created diamonds to suit your budget. What matters is sincerity in giving a meaningful ring, and the two will enter a new phase together.

3. A New Life Together

Engagement rings are more than just an announcement of a wedding. They symbolize that the couple is ready to build a new life together. 

Entering the engagement stage is a huge step toward marriage. Engagement rings are given later in the relationship when both parties agree that they’re fit to be together. These rings signify the romantic pair’s willingness to be united in matrimony, a lifetime commitment.

4. A Meaningful Gift

Diamond rings have been the most popular engagement rings in years. But people are now exploring other gems and designs for their rings. 

Engagement rings come in different styles, stone cuts, and colors. There are also plenty of gemstones to choose from. Others consider the meaning of each one to select the perfect ring to give their partners. You can choose a ring based on its symbolism and connotation below: 

  • Solitaire rings are the most common style. It features one special jewel like a diamond, emerald, or ruby to signify faithfulness as the couple is joined into one in marriage.  
  • Trilogy rings have three gemstones to symbolize the past, present, and future for lovers.  
  • Emerald rings connote a positive and lasting relationship.  
  • Ruby rings are associated with passionate love due to their red color.  
  • Sapphire rings symbolize fidelity and honesty.  

You can customize your engagement rings to make them more meaningful and ensure they’re a perfect size.

5. A Connection To The Heart

The popular myth is that the ring finger on the left hand has a vein called ‘vena amoris’ connected to the heart. Engagement rings are worn on this particular finger because of this vein. Although disproven by science, most people continue this tradition, which adds more emotional value to the ring and its meaning. 

Bottom Line   

An engagement ring is not just an expensive piece of jewelry. It symbolizes love, an intimate bond, and fidelity between the engaged couple. Moreover, this marks a new phase in the relationship and their readiness to enter a lifetime of togetherness. 

How much you should spend on an engagement ring is a continuous debate. Some say it should be worth thrice the giver’s paycheck. Other people, like celebrities, may have luxurious, expensive rings, but a simpler one doesn’t mean it matters less. You don’t have to spend too much on a ring for it to be valuable. The meaning you put into the ring increases its worth, especially when given with pure love and sincerity.