The Fellows House, Cambridge

Situated within walking distance of the centre of Cambridge, Fellows House represents the first of Hilton’s UK destinations outside of London in their Curio collection. Offering both short and long stays, the apartment-style rooms are suitable for business and pleasure visits, helping to secure the 4-star premium style for all types of visitors. Friendly staff welcome you as soon as you walk into the inviting lobby, with its open plan design giving an indication of the hospitality that is to come. 

With the fantastic access to the city centre, it’s no wonder the theme of the hotel represents some of Cambridge’s best and brightest alumni. With walls scattered with extracts of novels, artwork, quotes and coats of arms – a clear homage to the heritage of the city is visible in every direction. The interior design stayed on point with the theme through every corridor and room, a modern twist on a classic style – inlays of gold and copper against the Cambridge heritage marble and exposed brickwork.

The academic history of the city is honoured by more than just the decor, though. Delicious custom made cocktails have been designed as tribute to some of the most well known and respected to have studied at the university to suit all tastes. Literature can be found dotted about the hotel, giving the peacefulness and ease that come with a library.

The rooms offer luxury without sacrificing homeliness. With a complete kitchen suite, living area and a video-audio system across the whole apartment, it would be understandable for occupants to never leave. A bed that’s large enough to get lost in and a double size waterfall shower set the tone for relaxation. 

The Folio on-site restaurant offers classic dishes, decadent desserts as well as tapas and snack options to provide convenience for whatever your plans need to be. Fresh roasts, pastas, burgers and fish & chips – the varied menu will have something for everyone. The spacious and varied seating allows for seclusion and intimacy without compromising on the ambiance. The service is outstanding, making the stay feel inclusive and welcoming for two meals a day.

As well as the excellent daily breakfast buffet, which includes Full English, continental and pancake bar, Fellows manages to provide guests with a cafe and wine bar. The indoor swimming pool adds a sophistication and romanticism to the stay while being a great way to maintain your fitness routine.

The luxury fitness centre holds a considerable variation of equipment, maintaining cleanliness and style that you don’t often see in fitness centres. The chic drinks bar is the perfect place for a pre-dinner apéritif, nightcap or a catch up. With huge sofas and armchairs, and many corners to set up camp, it’s easy to imagine losing oneself in an intellectual discussion with your fellows as you lounge. 

Whether used as a comfortable hub to travel into the city, utilising the modern underground parking, as a long-term lodging or as a private hire business destination, The Fellows House has a lot to offer from such a small establishment. Luxury living without sharing, the elegant scholastic lodgings offer service, style and the feeling of fellowship.

33A Milton Rd, Cambridge CB4 1UZ