The Grand Hotel Palace, Rome

Step into a realm of indulgence at The Grand Hotel Palace, situated in the heart of Rome on the iconic Via Veneto. Originally designed by Marcello Piacentini in 1927 and meticulously restored by Italo Rota in 2010, this boutique gem seamlessly merges Italian allure with 21st-century sophistication.

As guests enter, they are captivated by marble floors, Murano crystal chandeliers, and frescoes by Guido Cadorin, epitomizing the very essence of La Dolce Vita. Featuring 74 refined bedrooms and 12 luxurious suites offering panoramic views of Via Veneto, each stay becomes a celebration of timeless elegance.

After exploring the ancient city, guests can surrender to the Spa—an oasis of Asian-inspired tranquility boasting a sauna, heated saltwater pool, and rejuvenating treatments. Immerse in the epitome of luxury at The Grand Hotel Palace, where historic charm harmoniously embraces contemporary comfort in the heart of enchanting Rome.

The Grand Hotel Palace beckons guests to a world of opulence and style, offering an extraordinary stay in its exclusive accommodations. Discover the allure of “The Signature Suite,” a spacious 67-square-metre retreat that exceeds expectations. This indulgent sanctuary boasts separate living, dining, and kitchen areas, creating an inviting space for relaxation and socialising.

For those seeking heightened luxury, the “Deluxe Executive Rooms” provide a tranquil escape. With high ceilings and a private balcony offering views of the iconic Via Veneto, these rooms redefine serenity. Imagine unwinding in this peaceful haven, surrounded by elegance and the vibrant energy of Rome just beyond. The Grand Hotel Palace crafts an unforgettable experience where each detail adds to the allure, making it a destination within a destination for those seeking a third-person narrative of indulgence and sophistication.

The star of the Grand Palace Hotel is Vlad, who should be the employee of the century. He surpasses expectations with his unwavering dedication. Beyond mere accommodation, he embodies vast knowledge, is a catalyst for laughter, and a conductor of captivating conversations. Encountering Vlad is a privilege, as he infuses each moment with warmth and hospitality. Here’s hoping every guest enjoys the pleasure of his exceptional service, making their stay an enriching and memorable experience.

Situated within the Grand Palace Hotel, The Cadorin Restaurant & Lounge Bar entices with a culinary symphony, offering the best of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The chefs skillfully balance refinement and tradition, enhancing the natural taste of raw materials for an exceptional dining experience. The elegant setting, adorned with splendid frescoes by Venetian painter Guido Cadorin, sets the stage for a gastronomic journey. Satisfying both classic palates and those craving the genuine flavours of local cuisine, it promises an indulgent fusion of art and taste.

Guests can savour the Musky Octopus “alla Luciana” on toasted bread, where the tender octopus harmonises with Mediterranean allure, creating a symphony of sea-infused delights. The Beef Tartare, adorned with mustard dressing and hazelnuts atop a crisp slice of toasted bread, offers a tantalising medley of textures and flavours. These starters, crafted with culinary finesse, entice the palate, promising a prelude to the exceptional dining experience that awaits, where each bite is a celebration of artistry and taste in the heart of Grand Palace Hotel.

Embark on a gastronomic journey with the initial offerings at The Cadorin. Savour the Linguine, elegantly dressed in swordfish ragù, lime, olives, and cherry tomatoes—a symphony of Mediterranean flavours delicately woven into perfectly cooked pasta.

Alternatively, indulge in Ravioli, generously filled with ricotta cheese, bathed in a lush tomato and basil sauce, and adorned with velvety stracciatella. Each mouthful reveals a culinary masterpiece, where fresh ingredients converge in a harmonious symphony. The first courses at The Cadorin promise a delectable exploration of Italian culinary artistry in the heart of Grand Palace Hotel.

Delight your palate with the main courses at The Cadorin. Enjoy the succulence of the Beef Fillet, expertly prepared and served alongside crunchy vegetables and a vibrant mixed salad. Alternatively, relish the Sliced Chicken infused with rosemary, its flavours enhanced by the accompanying ensemble of perfectly grilled vegetables.

Each dish is a testament to culinary craftsmanship, where premium ingredients harmonise to create a symphony of taste. The main courses at The Cadorin promise a dining experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting patrons to relish the artistry of Italian cuisine.

Conclude your evening at The Cadorin with the irresistible allure of dessert. Indulge in the Cheesecake adorned with a medley of berries, where the creamy richness perfectly complements the burst of fruity freshness. Alternatively, experience the classic Tiramisu, a decadent harmony of coffee-infused layers. Each dessert is a sweet crescendo, a flawless finale to an exquisite dining symphony. The Cheesecake and Tiramisu at The Cadorin exemplify the art of Italian pastry, offering a delectable conclusion to a culinary experience that lingers in the heart, a perfect ending to your memorable evening at Grand Palace Hotel.


Via Vittorio Veneto, 70, 00187 Roma RM, Italy