The Greyhound on the Test, Stockbridge

In the little quaint village of Stockbridge, just north west of Winchester in Hampshire, the traditional cosy BnB meshes perfectly with a 4 star luxury hotel to form The Greyhound on the Test. Opened back in 2013, the hotel has links back to the 1800s and is the epitome of high class on an already exciting town high street. Having been voted “Best Foodie Street” back in 2010, Stockbridge has modernised and expanded whilst maintaining its origins as a drover road for livestock passing through from Wales.

If not obvious, the village of Stockbridge sits on the River Test, which winds through the street giving way to local artwork, poetry and picturesque spots to watch the world and streams go by. This incredible river houses some of the best UK spots for trout and fly fishing, and this has become an essential part of life for both Stockbridge and The Greyhound. With its backdoor opening straight out onto the river, the opportunity to at least see a fish cannot be missed, though I can’t speak for your luck in sport.

Honouring this local legacy, The Greyhound utilises fresh regional ingredients to empower high street businesses and optimise flavour across the entirety of their menu. Trout is used seasonally to elevate dishes or as a standalone celebration of the fantastic fish. When out of season, cured trout can be seen in favour of the common smoked salmon as another nod to the town’s heritage and lucky location.

As with all good hotels, breakfast is included in your stay but The Greyhound manages to make this experience unforgettable. The comforts of home combined with the convenience of excellent service creates a timeless scene of fresh juice, coffee and pastries, delicious hot breakfasts cooked to order with a focus on hearty local produce and a paper in hand.

The breakfasts may be superb but the lunch and dinner service at The Greyhound is also astounding. Highlights included the thyme pigeon wellington with sour cherry jus, the sirloin with dauphinoise cheese pops and of course the mango and coconut bavarois with New Forest raspberries.

The Greyhound boasts snug corners and homely wood fires. The charming aesthetic continues round into the pub portion of the hotel – a low ceilinged wooden beam cubby hole serving local ales, gins and everything from the cellar. The wines available cover a combination of French and British with Hampshire’s homegrown pride and place.

Each of the multiple available rooms add enormously to the level of comfort in this home away from home. With teas, sweets and everything else a British hotel would need, it’s only the beauty and uniqueness of the local area and wetlands that can drag you out into reality. Wanting to make use of the natural surrounding beaty at all points of the year, The Greyhound has also accommodated two outdoor domes for heated seating of large parties.

Not just a hotel, The Greyhound works with its sister company “Wilds” to provide catering solutions, custom events and various wedding packages at the outstanding venue. With celebrity guest chef appearances and partnership day events with local guides and businesses, Wilds and The Greyhound have truly embodied the village ethos.

The quintessentially British village atmosphere is captured throughout every inch of food, drink and comfort experienced whilst at The Greyhound. As a base for local fishing, New Forest excursions or just a weekend away – you won’t be disappointed by the welcoming embrace of outstanding service, warm cosy fireplaces, and classic dishes.


31 High St, Stockbridge SO20 6EY