The Itinerary: Slo Cal

Slo Cal, short for San Luis Obispo County, is a Central Californian gem celebrated for its laid-back charm, scenic landscapes, and welcoming communities. Famous for its rolling vineyards in Paso Robles and Edna Valley, Slo Cal is a haven for wine enthusiasts. Landmarks like Hearst Castle, sandy beaches, and charming towns such as Cambria, Slo Cal offers a diverse range of activities. 

3pm Check into Hotel SLO

Hotel SLO, located in the heart of San Luis Obispo, California, is renowned for its chic ambiance and central location. Known for its modern design and eco-friendly practices, the hotel seamlessly blends luxury with sustainability. The best thing about Hotel SLO is its commitment to providing a stylish and environmentally conscious retreat in the heart of Slo Cal.

5pm Explore Sensoria Paso Robles

Exploring Sensoria in Paso Robles is a sensory journey through botanical wonders and artistic brilliance. Visitors encounter a captivating blend of lush gardens, interactive installations, and vibrant sculptures. Awaken the senses by meandering through the enchanting landscapes and enjoy the therapeutic ambiance.

8pm Dinner at Ox + Anchor in Hotel SLO 

The casual and cosy ambiance created by the roaring fire and the sounds of Jon Stephen’s Tropical Flamenco style strums, lures guests in. Start with the Yelowfin Ahi Tuna Tartare mixed into jalapeño, scallion, mint, basil, wonton and ponzu. The Grilled Swordfish is served on a bed of giant couscous and grilled vegetables. For dessert, the Carrot Cake does not disappoint, a generous slathering of cream cheese frosting accompanied by an almond florentine cookie and crème fraiche ice cream. 

10am Enjoy a treatment at Spa Cerro

Nestled in Slo Cal, Spa Cerro is a tranquil retreat celebrated for its serene aesthetics and indulgent offerings. The Honey Lavender Sea Salt Body Treatment is a standout, enveloping guests in the calming essence of lavender while exfoliating with sea salt and organic honey. This signature experience, set against the scenic backdrop of San Luis Obispo, embodies the spa’s commitment to rejuvenation.

2pm Lunch at Halter Ranch

Lunch at Halter Ranch unfolds amid the picturesque Paso Robles landscape, where rolling vineyards meet historic charm. The menu features farm-to-table delights, starting with the Harvest Salad as a must-try if you enjoy fruit in your salad. The Fried Tomato Sandwich is a southern staple and the perfect grilled cheese. The winery’s rustic elegance enhances the dining experience, creating a perfect harmony between the scenic beauty of Paso Robles.

4pm Olive oil tasting at Pasolivo Estate

Pasolivo Estate in Slo Cal offers an enchanting landscape for olive oil tasting. Nestled in Paso Robles, the estate’s location boasts ideal conditions for olive cultivation. The sun-drenched hills and Mediterranean-like climate contribute to the exceptional flavour of their olives, yielding high-quality olive oil. Visitors experience a sensory journey, savouring the rich, nuanced notes of this liquid gold amid the scenic beauty of the Paso Robles countryside.

7pm Dinner at Les Petites Canailles

Translating to ‘the little rascals’ as an ode to their three children, the restaurant quickly caught the attention of The MICHELIN Guide. Start your evening with the delectable Gratin de Choux-fleur. Opt for the special and try the truffle Jidori chicken, roasted on top of a french baguette. End the evening with the decadent Mousse Au Chocolat.

10am Explore Hearst Castle

Perched atop the hills of San Simeon, Hearst Castle stands as a testament to opulence and history. The vision of William Randolph Hearst and architect, Julia Morgan, this iconic estate boasts unparalleled grandeur and architectural marvels. With its rich history, expansive grounds, and intricate design, Hearst Castle is a captivating glimpse into the Gilded Age, offering a unique and unforgettable journey through the splendour of one of America’s most historic landmarks.

12pm Stop off at Elephant Seal Vista

A mesmerising spectacle where colossal elephant seals bask along the coast. Witnessing these marine giants, which migrated here due to conservation efforts, offers a rare opportunity to observe their natural behaviours and so worth stopping off for.

2pm Lunch at Robin’s Restaurant 

It’s clear to see why Robin’s was voted as ‘Best North Coast Restaurant’ by the San Luis Obispo New Times, their wholesome food offerings nestled amid lush gardens, is steeped in small-town charm. For starters, try the Forbidden Cauliflower, a savoury introduction to the diverse menu. Delight in the Cajun Shrimp Tacos, a Californian favourite. Conclude with one of their mouth-watering homemade cakes.

4pm Check into White Water Inn

A sophisticated and luxurious interpretation of the laid back Central Coast lifestyle, White Water is no ordinary lodge. A stone’s throw away from the mystical Moonstone Beach, the Premiere Ocean View Suite includes a plush king bed, a separate living area complete with a fire, Haus Interior furnishings, artwork by local artisans, and a minibar stocked with Erewhon snacks. Relax in the oversized tub with breathtaking ocean views, there is no better way to unwind.

5pm Walk along Moonstone Beach

Nestled along the Central Californian coast in Cambria, exudes magic with its mist-kissed shores and dramatic waves at sunset. The ethereal mist dances over the rugged cliffs as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a spellbinding glow on the Pacific. The rhythmic crash of waves completes this coastal symphony, creating a magical ambiance that captivates the soul.

7pm Dinner at Madeline’s Restaurant

Madeline’s Restaurant in Cambria is a culinary gem nestled on California’s Central Coast. Boasting a diverse menu inspired by local flavours, it offers a delightful fusion of seafood and farm-to-table dishes. The highlight is the cozy ambiance, complemented by a carefully curated wine list, ensuring a memorable dining experience by the ocean.

Once you have experienced what SLO Cal has to offer, you realise life’s too beautiful to rush.