The Rules for Wearing Boots to a Summer Wedding

Not everyone wants to wear high heels to a wedding. They are uncomfortable and they can really make your feet hurt. Instead of putting yourself through agony wearing heels all night, or stubbing your toes every five minutes in sandals, why not choose to wear boots instead? Here are some of the ways you can pull off boots at a summer wedding.

Consider the Theme

If the bride and groom have opted for a rustic theme, you could decide to play into that by opting for a pair of cowboy boots. This is a fun and slightly cheeky way to give a nod to the theme of the overall wedding. It should also hopefully elicit a few smiles from the happy couple without pulling too much attention away from them overall.

There are so many styles of cowboy boots out there that it should be easy for you to track down a pair that will look amazing with your wedding outfit. Whether you go for a simple pair or something a little more extravagant, there are lots of options you could choose from. Find a pair that you know are going to work for you and get ready to cause some smiles at the wedding.

Wear a Suit

Who says you have to wear a dress to a wedding? If you don’t feel comfortable in dresses, you should look at getting a tailored suit that still makes you feel feminine and ready to take on the world.

Suits don’t have to come in a single colour like black or navy. For an eye-catching outfit, pair a brightly patterned suit with some Siren black knee high boots. This outfit will be empowering and clean, and you could have one of the most talked-about outfits at the wedding; other than the bride of course.

Check the Venue

Boots might actually be the smarter choice of footwear depending on where the wedding is going to be held. If you know that the wedding is going to be outside and it has been raining recently, you can be certain that a lot of people are going to end up sinking into the grass.

Wearing a pair of boots might be a far better option overall than wearing a pair of sandals or high heels. You are less likely to fall over and you will find that you do not become stuck quite so easily. Your feet will also be well-protected, instead of running the risk of becoming muddy.

Wear Them In

Don’t buy a pair of brand-new boots and wear them for the first time at the wedding. All they are going to do is cut up the back of your heels and make it difficult for you to dance and have a good time. You need to wear them in.

You will most likely have a pair of boots that you can get away with wearing every day. Try to wear them for a short time each day in the run-up to the wedding. This will allow you to wear them in a little and get your feet used to wearing them.

Be Confident

Boots are not the most traditional shoe to wear to a summer wedding, and there will always be someone who raises their eyebrows at your choice to do so. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are wearing your boots with pride. No matter what, make sure your boots make you feel empowered and strong when you wear them. It is entirely possible to wear boots to a summer wedding with the right choice. Find the right pair for you now!