The Ultimate Guide to 2024’s Top Wellness-Boosting Treatments

Discover the pinnacle of wellbeing in January with our guide to 2024’s Top Wellness-Boosting Treatments. Nourish your hair with Neville Hair and Beauty’s Herbal Hair Ritual, indulge in facial rejuvenation with The Skin Geek’s Laser Genesis Facial, experience serenity through Blink Brow Bar’s Kansa Head & Face Massage, and pamper yourself with Nails & Brows Mayfair’s CBD Wellness Manicure. 

Blink Brow Bar Kansa Head & Face Massage 

When a new Blink Brow Bar treatment launches, we’re first in the queue to test it out and the new Kansa Head & Face Massage does not disappoint! Offering a rejuvenating and holistic experience that elevates the traditional facial massage to new heights. This unique massage, rooted in Ayurvedic principles, combines the therapeutic benefits of the Kansa wand with expert hands-on techniques to provide a deeply relaxing and mood-boosting experience.

The Arcadia team tested out this new soothing treatment at the newly opened Motcomb Street, Knightsbridge location, which oozes sophistication, providing the perfect backdrop for an indulgent and rejuvenating treatment. A skilled Blink Brow Bar therapist works the dome-shaped Kansa massaging wand (made from healing metal Kansa) round the face and scalp, gently massaging and stimulating key energy points. This ancient Ayurvedic tool is believed to balance the body’s energies, reduce tension, stimulate hair growth, and promote overall well-being.

One of the standout features of the Kansa Head & Face Massage is its ability to relieve stress and tension. The gentle strokes and rhythmic movements of the Kansa wand help release built-up tension in the facial muscles, promoting relaxation and a sense of tranquillity. 

In addition to its stress-relieving benefits, the Kansa Head & Face Massage also aims to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage. This can contribute to a brighter complexion, reduced puffiness, and an overall healthier appearance. We can confirm after 20 minutes in the super plush reclining chair we felt re-energised and radiant…somewhat is hard to achieve on a cold January morning. 

The incorporation of traditional Ayurvedic principles sets this treatment apart, making it a holistic and transformative experience for those seeking a holistic approach to relaxation and skincare this January and beyond. For an added layer of soothing and recovery, consider complementing this experience with the luxurious benefits of DRMTLGY Soothe and Recovery Cream, enhancing your journey toward relaxation and revitalisation

Kansa Head & Face Massage, £40

Blink Brow Bar 4 Motcomb Street, Knightsbridge SW1X 8JU

The Neville Hair and Beauty Herbal Hair Ritual

Is your hair feeling a bit like straw after the party season? Then look no further than Neville Hair and Beauty on Pont Street, that continues to welcome celebrities and high-profile clients from all over the world.

The Neville Hair Herbal Hair Ritual is a bespoke salon treatment that offers a natural cure for hair cuticles and scalp with a rejuvenating and luxurious herbal haircare ritual. This holistic treatment, meticulously crafted by Neville’s Senior Colourist at Neville, Domenico Casella, takes inspiration from plants and botanicals used in medicinal remedies, perfumes and cosmetics to restore dry and stressed hair and nourish the hair.

This 4-step journey begins with a personalised consultation to understand the unique needs of your hair and scalp. A blend of organic botanical-infused ingredients enriched with herbal extracts is expertly applied – a mix of made from marshmallow, mountain arnica, soya, barley, Asiatic pennywort, all known for their nourishing and hydrating properties. 

After Domenico blends the herbs and Philip Martin’s Macadamia oil together to create the perfect blend, the chosen herbal elixirs are then applied on to freshly washed hair. Clients sit under the Climazon to ensure maximum absorption for 30 minutes, infusing the hair with nutrients that strengthen, hydrate, and develop a radiant shine. The Herbal Hair Ritual unfolds with a soothing scalp massage, activating blood circulation and promoting relaxation.

The ritual concludes with a precision styling, leaving you with hair that not only looks incredibly healthy but feels seriously nourished. This vegan-friendly hair treatment has been a hit with the glossy Knightsbridge hair set ever since it launched last summer and for a very good reason…it works wonders without a sulphate in sight.

Neville’s commitment to natural ingredients ensures that the Herbal Hair Ritual is not just a salon treatment; it’s a celebration of the healing power of herbs, an indulgent escape into the realm of holistic haircare. 

Price starts from £100 for short hair and £150 for long hair

Neville Hair and Beauty, 5 Pont Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 9EJ

Nails & Brows Mayfair CBD Wellness Manicure

If you are after a manicure that is a bit more stress-reducing, Nails & Brows Mayfair have the answer with their new CBD-themed wellness manicure.

Nails & Brows Mayfair’s CBD Wellness Manicure treatment is a luxurious and innovative experience that goes beyond traditional nail care. Set in the heart of Mayfair, this sleek boutique offers an extensive range of treatments from nails, brows, waxing and lashes. The latest treatment to launch is a twist on the classic manicure, incorporating superior CBD products by KLORIS to elevate the pampering session to new heights.

The use of KLORIS CBD products in the CBD Wellness Manicure sets this treatment apart from conventional nail services. The calming effects of CBD contribute to a spa-like experience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a moment of tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle of Mayfair. The therapeutic benefits of CBD extend beyond nail care itself! CBD is renowned for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps ease symptoms of inflammation, joint pain and anxiety whilst also promoting calmness and utter relaxation. Not only will you leave with fresh nails, but you will feel relaxed with a mood-boosting effect that is sometimes hard to achieve after visiting a busy nail salon. 

CBD Wellness Manicure, £86

Nails & Brows Mayfair, 31 Berkeley St, London W1J 8EJ

Nicola Russell aka The Skin Geek Laser Genesis Facial

A celebrity favourite for a very good reason! Nicola Russell’s hands are like magic – her acclaimed Laser Genesis Facial is a cutting-edge skincare treatment that combines advanced laser technology (how Angelina Jolie maintains her perfect glow with her dermatologist Dr David Colbert performing Laser Genesis) with a holistic approach to rejuvenate and enhance the skin’s overall health. This facial treatment has gained popularity for its ability to address a variety of skin concerns and delivers remarkable results. 

The Laser Genesis Facial begins with a thorough consultation to understand each client’s specific skin issues and goals. Russell then begins the treatment by thoroughly cleansing the face with a powerful lymphatic drainage massage. After the skin is clean, this is when the magic laser gun comes out and is moved round the whole face in sections, which feels comforting and warm – basically, just what you need when the weather is a tad on the cold side. The treatment was then followed by an exfoliating enzyme mask to loosen and slough off dead skin cells and a relaxing session under a LED light to help reduce the redness in the skin.

One of the standout features of this facial is its versatility. Whether you are dealing with sun damage, enlarged pores, acne scars, or uneven skin tone, the Laser Genesis Facial targets all skin concerns by utilising state-of-the-art laser technology to provide a comprehensive solution. The non-invasive nature of the treatment makes it suitable for all skin types, with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Clients often report immediate improvements in skin tone and texture after just one session, and long-term benefits become more apparent with a series of treatments. The collagen stimulation leads to a natural plumping effect, resulting in firmer and more youthful-looking skin. Additionally, the facial promotes increased circulation, which contributes to a healthy, radiant complexion.

Nicola Russell’s expertise in skincare is evident in the thoughtful combination of laser technology with a holistic approach. The facial also includes elements of relaxation and stress reduction, contributing to an overall sense of well-being. With its ability to address a wide range of skin concerns and deliver noticeable results, it has become a go-to treatment for those seeking a revitalised and radiant complexion with absolutely no downtime.

Laser Geneis Facial, £225 

Nicola Russell at the Fitzrovia Clinic, 5 Percy St, London, W1T 1DF